Single vs. Dual-Coil Set-Ups: Which Is Best for You? -

Single vs. Dual-Coil Set-Ups: Which Is Best for You?

In the vaping world, coils are a complete irony in themselves because of their massive purpose of delivering quality experiences in comparison to their rather minuscule size.

After vaping for a while now, you’ve probably grown far more familiar with how coils work and the influence they have on the way your smoke sessions roll. Although you may not necessarily have the training a vape technician does or possess a degree in electrical engineering, you’ve become far more familiar with the components in question than you’ve expected.

At this point, you may have picked up a bit of how Ohm’s Law works as you continue to tinker your settings to have the best vaping experience possible. Unfortunately, knowing about the basics doesn’t exactly suffice when it comes to answering a specific concern or dilemma that will pop up as you dive deeper into your vape journey: “Which is best for me: single or dual coil configurations?”

Choosing between the two options

As you delve deeper into the vaping world and cultivate a stronger understanding of what it means to have the best experience possible, you’ll arrive at a point where you’ll need to choose between a single or dual coil configuration.

When it comes to answering the question at hand, it can be quite intimidating to figure out what specific set-up works because of the different factors that you need to consider. While it may seem like a menial choice to make, the truth is that even the smallest adjustments can make the biggest difference in how your vaping sessions feel depending on your preferences. 

Fortunately, brushing up on the basics to know what option best suits your needs isn’t too difficult because we’ve laid out all the facts and key points that you need to know about:

Single-coil set-ups

A single-coil configuration is a set-up that consists of a single wire that attracts or holds all of your battery’s power to generate sufficient heat, turning smoke into vapour. When you have a coil that can easily handle the electricity from your power source, you’ll end up having a much more concentrated amount of heat that will lead to better burn times.

When it comes to the advantages of using a single-coil, one of the most significant benefits to consider is that it uses less battery power so that you won’t have to recharge your battery often. Apart from energy conservation, single-coils are seen as the more economical options of the bunch because they’re simpler to build and don’t require too much vape juice!

Dual-coil set-ups

Dual-coil configurations are best defined as set-ups that feature two coils that are contained together in a specially-built coil wall designed to retain and efficiently transfer heat for stronger burns. Through this configuration, your vape mod’s battery gets to transfer an even amount of heat to both of your coils so that it can put out more heat to create stronger burns, leading to bigger clouds and more flavour.

Many end up choosing dual-coil set-ups as their configuration of choice because they create dense clouds of vapour that can’t be attained with a weaker single-coil option. Additionally, the extra coil comes in handy because it quickly heats up your vape juice so that you have much quicker burn times for faster hits!


Building your perfect vape set-up is a matter of choosing the best details that will cater to your tastes as best as possible, especially when choosing your coil configurations. Following this guide closely will help you settle on the best option for your needs so that you have the best experience with both your flavours and cloud quality!

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