Vaper's Guide: The 4 Disadvantages of Disposable Vape Pens -

Vaper's Guide: The 4 Disadvantages of Disposable Vape Pens

You can find disposable electronic cigarettes in drugstores and convenience stores, making them an easy gateway device to get started on vaping. Since it receives strong marketing efforts from analog cigarette companies, most of these pens come from tobacco companies. Because of this, they know how to sell something that’s straightforward, easy-to-use, and disposable. They know who their market is and want to get the most out of them before their buyers shift to a more sustainable vaping method.

It’s not uncommon for some newcomers to vaping to start with disposable e-cigs. Since they’re much cheaper and less complicated than full-fledged vape kits, it’s an affordable way to experience vaping for the first time. Although they’re great for people who want to try things out, they can present many problems for long-term use.

The long-term disadvantages of using disposable electronic cigarettes

At first glance, the convenience these disposable electronic cigarettes bring is a decent offer for the money you pay them for. A disposable e-cig’s low initial cost is one of its greatest selling points. But what appeals more to consumers is the lack of maintenance you’ll need to maintain. Unlike actual vape kits with pod mods, you don’t have to mind the state of your electronic cigarette.

Since you can only own it for two to three days, you don’t have to think about long-term commitments like storing different e-liquids. You can buy a pen and toss it in your pocket without any care about long-term damage. However, its limited lifespan makes it a much expensive habit in the long-term.

Before you buy another disposable e-cigarette, we’ll share four reasons you should stay away from them:

1. Takes more from your vaping budget

A marketing ploy that you always hear about vaping is the financial advantages it has over smoking cigarettes. You don’t get to experience this if you commit to regularly purchasing disposable cigarettes. Even as a casual vaper, your long-term expenses will add up and prove to be more costly than buying a refillable pod mod.

2. Uses cheap and lightweight materials

The companies that manufacture these products need to pump out more products for every batch, which is why they utilise flimsy and cheap materials. These devices aren't even close to a starter vape device’s effectiveness. Even models with a rechargeable feature have a charging limit, requiring you to replace its battery often.

3. Has limited vape flavours

One of the many joys of vaping is the opportunity to try out different blends of flavours. Once you’re ready to take it to the next level, you can even improve your e-juices’ taste through steeping and other methods. With disposable electronic cigarettes, you don’t get access to the thousands of juice brands available in the market.

4. Provides a sub-optimal vaping experience

People who are content with disposable e-cigs don’t know that they’re not getting the full experience. Even with an easy-to-use pod mod, they can be more flexible and versatile with their vaping sessions. Besides gaining access to more e-liquid flavours, they can also alter different aspects of vaping, from the density of their vape clouds to the hit of their nicotine rush.


Unlike disposable electronic cigarettes, you get a better value for your money with refillable pod mod. Since most juice and accessories are cheaper to buy later, you’ll get to vape longer without spending more than your usual vaping budget. Although there’s a tougher learning curve in learning how they work, it’s a much more sustainable habit to keep in the long-term.

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