Vaping 101: 5 Simple Tips to Thoroughly Clean Your Vape Tank -

Vaping 101: 5 Simple Tips to Thoroughly Clean Your Vape Tank

All vapers love the variety of vape devices in circulation, allowing for a fun-filled experience of pumping out clouds of flavour and fun. However, as you keep using your device, flavours tend to change—and not for the better. 

There can be many reasons for this, such as a coil getting old or your cotton getting burnt. However, one of the things that can seriously affect the vaping experience is the vape tank's condition. Sometimes, vapers forget that the tanks also need some maintenance once in a while! Some form of cleaning is required to ensure that the tank stays in good condition and ensure that you get the best experience when you vape.


With that said, here is how you can effectively clean and maintain your vape tank:


Take the tank apart


The first thing you must always do before any cleaning activity is to take the vape device apart. This means taking out the coil, removing the glass, and other bits and pieces from one another. 

Be sure to stay organised to ensure nothing gets lost. If you do not trust yourself with these items, grab a bowl and place everything inside; that way, nothing will roll away and disappear, causing you to need to buy a new one again.


Rinse it with water


Once the tank has been taken apart, you can give it a good water rinse. Fill the bowl, or whatever container you placed the tank pieces in, with water. Make sure the water is warm, letting it sit there for a minute or two. After that, dry it all with some paper towel and leave them to air dry until no visible water is left behind.


Soak it in PG


If you feel like the left-over flavour from an old vape juice is still stuck inside the tank, then you can try out a PG soak. With Propylene Glycol, you can essentially extract taste out of your tank as it is a great flavour carrier. 

Leave your tank soaking in it for a while, and once you are happy with how long it has sat, place the pieces on a napkin until they dry.


Use a DIY cleaner


For better results than any of the above cleaning techniques, you can try out DIY cleaning solutions to give them a thorough clean. You can use things like baking soda, Ethanol, and vinegar to clean your vape tank. However, keep in mind that items like vinegar, while effective at cleaning the tank, will require you to thoroughly rinse the tank after to ensure it does not smell (and taste) like it! 

Also, products like Ethanol should not be mixed up with Isopropyl Alcohol, as that is a different type of alcohol that can destroy your tank.


Place it in an ultrasonic cleaner


Ultrasonic cleaners are generally used to clean different items like jewellery, vibrating water with sound waves to thoroughly clean even the tiniest of nooks and crannies. This is perhaps the most effective way to clean your vape tank—and so if you want to clean your tanks thoroughly, consider investing in an ultrasonic cleaner! 

To use one, fill the cleaner with water, place the pieces of your tank inside, then turn it on. 




There are many ways to clean your vape tank, but what is most important is that you clean it in the first place. Over time, gunk and grime will slowly accumulate inside your tank. It can come in the form of burnt flavours embedded into the tank itself or simply old liquid left to stand. Regardless, following the tips above can ensure that your tank is brought back as good as new, allowing you to take the best drag possible without having to buy a new tank.


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