Vaping 101: Why Heat and Salt Nicotine Shouldn't Mix -

Vaping 101: Why Heat and Salt Nicotine Shouldn't Mix

The colder months are reaching their end as the new year rolls in, which means people are getting ready to get tan lines and have a good time under the sun. For the vaping community, veterans and beginners alike understand how vaping during the summertime is a relaxing experience, especially when it’s time to whip out hot and fruity e-liquid flavors. 

While vaping by the beach sounds like a dream getaway, vapers need to be careful where they store their e-liquid since it can’t handle the heat well. E-juices, especially nicotine salts, can easily lose their potency when they’re exposed to certain elements, particularly high temperatures. 

What Happens When You Leave Your Nicotine Salt Out When Temperatures Start to Soar?

Light and heat can change how chemicals bond, wherein it forces specific molecules to interact with each other while others evaporate. This happens to many things, and your e-liquid is no exemption from this oxidation process. 

When done right, it can increase the potency of your e-liquid and result in bolder flavors, which is why seasoned vapers try their hand at “steeping” the juice. But when you over-oxidize, the formula will evaporate more quickly and lead to darker colors and a weaker taste. 

That’s why leaving your vape and nic-salt in the car on a hot day can kill the juice, compromising your vaping experience down the line. 

Does Over-Oxidation Make E-Liquid Dangerous to Your Health?

There’s no need to worry about inhaling a possible hazard with over-oxidized nicotine salts, though the most damage it can do is disappoint your palate. There is nothing in the chemicals that can become a risk to your health when exposed to high heat, though the flavor and potency will likely be dull and difficult to hit due to its thicker consistency. 

There’s no need to throw away over-oxidize e-liquid, though keep in mind that you won’t be able to chase richer flavors nor massive clouds with it. 

Other Ways to Heat E-Liquid and How to Avoid It 

Even if you store the nicotine salt in a cool and dark place, the liquid can still overheat if your vaping device runs at a higher temperature or wattage. For beginners who don’t want to study up on manually controlling the wattage for your coil, there are many pod mod systems that come with sophisticated temperature control features that are easy to use. 

The Bottom Line: Understanding Why Salt Nicotine and Hot Weather Don’t Match! 

Overheating your e-liquid doesn’t have any risky effects, though it does make for a less-than-satisfactory vaping experience. Fortunately, you can easily avoid exposing your e-liquid collection to high temperatures by keeping them in a cool and dark place.

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