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A Guide to Vape Juices: What You Need to Know

The world of smoking has been flourishing for centuries, and like the rest of the world, it has now been touched by innovative developments. From the humble tobacco plantations now come vapes, which make use of e-cigarettes and vape rigs powered by batteries. 

Vape stores decorate various places around the world, offering colourful pods, bottles, and cartridges filled with vape juices of unlimited flavours. These are then heated up into the battery-operated devices, creating an aerosol that users can inhale—quite like how tobacco works.

The best part about it all is that vape allows users the freedom to customise their experiences through vape juice. As mentioned above, it comes in various flavours, including the standard mint ones, down to breakfast cereals. 

If you wish to explore the world of vape even further, this guide is for you. We talk about it’s most important components—the vape juice!

What is in vape juice?

Vape juice comes with nicotine components, which should be considered as you choose your flavours. It comes in various levels, ranging from 0 to 18mg of nicotine. If you’re a smoker switching to vape, you may want to prefer vape juices with a high nicotine content.

Vape juice also contains base solutions, which can either be vegetable glycerol (VG), propylene glycol (PG), or a combination of both substances. VG allows for bigger and more solid vapour clouds, which can also be slightly sweeter. PG, on the other, enhances your vape flavours, but cannot produce the clouds most users enjoy. To get both the effects, however, it’s best to choose the mix of PG and VG!

What are the main vape flavours? 

For the sweet tooth 

Majority of vape juices are made for sweet taste buds. The sweet flavours are common in almost all vape shops, but keep in mind that the dessert category will differ from the fruity flavours. Make sure to browse through tabs or shelves before making your decision, though—you wouldn’t want to end up with something you don’t enjoy.

For the savoury palates 

Steering clear from anything sweet? Not to worry—vape juices can come with savoury flavours! It will be rather odd at first, especially since you’ll essentially be inhaling flavours you’d normally be drinking or eating. Pancakes are a common vape juice flavour, closely followed by coffee, cereal, and for the more adventurous, bacon and porridge.

For a taste of refreshment 

If you’re still rather new to the world of vape, opting for mint-flavoured vape juices may be the best choice for you. A menthol blend allows you to experience a fresh taste, with just the right amount of nicotine to keep you away from tobacco. 

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There’s still a world of vaping left to discover, but discovering various vape juice varieties is a good place to start. A huge part of the vaping experience comes with experimenting, however, so never hesitate to put yourself out there. You can try as many flavours as you’d like, to be later shared with other vape users and friends. 

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