Vaping During the Holidays: 3 Tips to Avoid Conflict -

Vaping During the Holidays: 3 Tips to Avoid Conflict

Smoking comes with a negative image, especially considering its bad health effects. For this reason, vaping has now become a common alternative. While vaping is regarded as the healthier alternative for smokers around the world, the very notion of smoking continues to turn people off. Most believe that all forms of smoking can still be harmful, making the idea far from being universally accepted. 

Vaping can be easy to do when you’re alone, or if you’re with your friends who understand the process. Now that the holidays are coming up, however, you’ll want to rethink your vaping habits once more. It can be slightly stressful, especially since you’ll likely be dealing with opinionated relatives over the turkey. 

The holiday season can be extremely taxing, but this simple guide exists to help make the experience a little less stressful for vapers. That said, here are four foolproof tips to help you through, especially when it comes to vaping around your family during social gatherings:

Tip #1: Be considerate of the other guests 

Regardless if you’re hosting Thanksgiving or attending a holiday dinner back home, make sure you gain access to the guest lists. You’ll want to know if your grandparents and grand aunts and uncles will be there, along with the little ones like nieces, nephews, and cousins. There’s usually a lot of children, so make sure to avoid any conflicts with their parents regarding your vaping. 

As soon as you’ve gathered the list, ponder on your vaping choices. You’ll want to ensure that these people can stay comfortable even as you vape, so make sure to plan your vaping sessions accordingly. It’s best not to vape indoors, even at the comfort of your own home. It will be a sacrifice made, but such occurrences can be well worth it during the time of holiday cheer—best to avoid drama at all costs!

 Tip #2: Respect the location 

While it’s true that vaping can be done both indoors and outdoors without consequences, understand that openly vaping around others can leave a bad impression. This is especially true when you’re attending a holiday party or a family gathering, even if you know the host quite well. You need to remain mindful of their rules, especially if you already know how they feel about smoking. 

For this reason, it’s best to avoid vaping inside the home altogether and seek an appropriate location. The balcony may be a good place to do so, or perhaps a yard or the garden. Remember: the rule of thumb is to always ask first. 

Tip #3: Keep your vape away from the food 

There’s a reason why most restaurants ban smoking—you’ll compromise appetites and the quality of food. As soon as the food is served, make sure to keep your vaping pen away. The smell of your e-liquid may end up disrupting their bonding over food, causing them to steer clear of the next set of steak and kidney pie. You’ll be suffering from deathly stares and muttering, so make sure to wait until after the dessert to vape. 

Keeping The Holidays Fun 

Vaping is a recreational activity that cannot harm anyone, but bringing it to your family holiday gatherings can cause some drama. You’ll effectively be compromising the sense of fun and cheer, especially if there are children around. Make sure to keep everyone happy by keeping your vaping habits in check—keep these handy tips in mind!

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