Vaping, Smoking, and Dental Health: The Real Score -

Vaping, Smoking, and Dental Health: The Real Score

The risks of smoking cigarettes have long since been well-known, particularly the significant risks it poses to people’s oral health. Vaping has recently come out to be a much safer alternative since a vaper’s e-juice blends contain very few of the toxic chemicals that are known to be in regular cigarettes. 

While vaping continues to become a popular option for smokers who are trying to lay off traditional cigarettes, its side effects should still be considered, as vaping technology continues to be made safer every day with developments in research. Many people are worried that even vaping will contribute to the decline of their oral health. 

Here are the things you should know about smoking, vaping, and dental health before heading out to your favourite vape shop in the UK:

Why is Smoking so Bad for Dental Health?

 Your oral health can be an indicator of good overall health or a red flag for several health issues that you may not realise. Oral health is related to many other parts of the body, which is why you’ll find many people with poor dental health also have other health issues. Something like a cigarette, which is quite detrimental to your dental health, will also affect your overall health in other adverse ways. 

When lit, cigarettes create at least 7,000 chemicals, many of which are toxic to the body. This is not news to many people who have learned the dangers of cigarettes! Heavy or regular smokers are at high risk of developing health issues, such as cancers, heart disease, and several other conditions, some of which are directly related to issues they have with their dental health. 

Smoking harms one’s oral health in several ways, the most harmful being the increase in bacteria buildup. Since the mouth cannot effectively fight bacteria after smoking, it’s more prone to infection and disease. The fuzzy sensation that many smokers feel in their mouths prevents saliva from functioning as it normally should, so bacteria has a much easier time sticking to teeth and gums. When bacteria builds up on your teeth and gums, plaque and tartar can form, which are the key ingredients for causing gum disease and tooth decay. 

It also affects other parts of your body which contribute to your oral health, particularly with circulation. Poor circulation causes slower healing, increased sensitivity to pain when inflicted with oral illnesses, and a reduced capability to fight infection. 

Other oral health issues can be made worse by smoking, including the onset of bad breath, a loss of the sense of taste, tooth sensitivity, and an increased risk of oral cancer. 

How Vaping Contributes to Quitting Smoking

Many people try vaping and e-cigarettes because it produces the same sensation as smoking with far fewer risks. While there is more research still to be done on the comprehensive effects of vaping, people often flock to online vape shops in the UK because they know that vaping doesn’t contain tar and comes with a nicotine-free option. 

Although it may not be 100% risk-free for oral health, there are some significant improvements made by vaping, especially when compared to traditional cigarette smoking. 

How Vaping Lowers the Risk of Oral Health Problems

Being aware of both the benefits and the minimal risks of vaping will allow you to vape more responsibly. 

E-liquid components, such as the propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and vape juice flavourings, are safe to inhale. While nicotine is present in many e-juices in the UK, its strength or concentration can be controlled, or smokers may opt to use a nicotine-free e-liquid instead!

While vaping also results in a dryer mouth, it doesn’t have nearly the same amount of adverse effects that cigarettes do in encouraging bacteria growth. The lack of saliva, rather than the vapour substance, is what causes bacteria buildup—which can easily be mitigated by staying hydrated while or between vaping sessions. 


While research has shown vaping to be much safer than cigarettes, there is still plenty that isn’t known about this alternative to smoking yet. However, given its obvious benefits and minimal risks when compared to traditional cigarettes, vaping has thus far shown itself to be a way to minimise oral health problems as a consequence of smoking. Overall, it’s better for health than the old traditional tobacco stick. 

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