Vaping for Beginners - 3 Common Vaping Mistakes to Avoid -

Vaping for Beginners - 3 Common Vaping Mistakes to Avoid

Thanks to the advent of vaping and e-cigarettes, former smoking addicts now have an enjoyable alternative that they can turn to without putting their health at risk at the expense of enjoyment.

With a wide range of vape devices, atomizers, and mod options to choose from nowadays, casual and soon-to-be-vapers are now exposed to opportunities to drop their smoking habits. As accessible as the necessary devices and add-ons are, however, there are many mistakes that anyone can make when they first try it.

Fortunately, while stumbling a bit in the first hour or two of usage may be inevitable, using a vape or e-cig doesn’t have to be a pure headache as long as you know what common mistakes to watch out for. Before you buy your first vape kit or e-cig, here are a few common mistakes that you should make yourself aware of:

1. Taking a hit in places you’re not allowed to vape in

One of the most common mistakes that first-time vapers make is that they puff anywhere, even if it’s in places they aren’t allowed to do so. Sure, vaping may not be harmful or cancerous as smoking a pack of cigarettes, but you won’t be doing yourself any good if you go against the rules.

As enjoyable as the experience of puffing fat clouds and tasting the wonderful flavours of your new bottle of juice may be, there are some people who aren’t exactly comfortable with the smell or having smoke blown in their faces. This is why there are restrictions in some areas, so it’s best for you to indulge in zones you know are vape-approved.

2. Getting dry hits

If you get too hasty with your first vape rig and fill up your entire tank or atomizer with a fresh load of juice, you might end up tasting some burnt cotton once you take your first hit. This is essentially a foul-tasting experience which makes for what the vaping world calls a dry hit.

Admittedly, it can be easy to get a bit overexcited when you get your first set up after months or years of trying to bum a few hits off of your friends’ devices. Nevertheless, it’s vital to be patient as doing so will minimise the occurrences of a dry hit. With a dry hit, you’ll essentially feel everything that you’d never want to feel when using your new vape or e-cig: a sore and raspy throat, an immense urge to cough, and a terrible taste that may put you off vaping ever again. Before you start vaping away at your brand new vape, it is important to saturate the cotton in your coils before using your device.

The simple process of saturating your atty or tank’s cotton entails exposing the bud itself and soaking it with juice (wicking) until the entire roll of cotton has absorbed enough liquid to go without burning mid-hit. After that, you’re ready to vape away!

3. Not replacing the cotton and cleaning the atty often

Your e-cig’s atomizer and the cotton it uses are just like the dishes you eat on or the toothbrush you use––it is important to clean as much as possible and replace them regularly or else some serious hygiene repercussions might occur.

Over time, an unsanitary tank with a week or two-week-old cotton that’s soaked with all sorts of juice and gunk can leave unfavourable flavours that only get worse every day it’s not cleaned. Do yourself a favour. Clean your atty and replace your cotton every two to three days so that you’ll always have a fresh, clean e-cig!

Final words

Any common mistake that you might make as a vape beginner can be as avoidable as possible if you’re willing to take the right steps towards avoiding them entirely. If you’re about to buy your first vape or your starter kit just came in the mail, make sure to go through this guide so that you can start your journey as a vaper on the right foot!

If you’re a vaping beginner and are looking to learn more about vaping, get in touch with us to see how we can help.