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Vaping and Public Areas: What Places Can You Vape?

UK vaping laws are complicated, and we cannot answer the question “where can I vape in the UK?” As it stands, we’re left asking ourselves whether we can vape in bars or clubs, at the airport, on aeroplanes and trains or anywhere else.  

As more restrictive laws come into place, it’s only going to get harder to answer questions like these. 

Here are some of the places you may consider vaping.

Vaping in Restaurants and Pubs

Vaping laws in the UK have made the process of eating and drinking while vaping a little more difficult. 

The number of places you could vape in the UK has greatly reduced. In some ways, it feels like we’re back to where we started. 

At first, pubs, clubs and restaurants didn’t allow vaping inside and now, some places are forbidding vaping, even outdoors. Some pubs and clubs allow vaping outside in a specific area, like a shaded smoking area, but they may ask you to vape away from their premises.

Some places, however, have outlawed vaping on their premises. Big-name brands in the pub and club industry like JD Wetherspoon, have told their staff to approach vapers like smokers, and ask them to vape outside. 

Vaping in Public Transportation

Public transportation is another place where you should be aware of the vaping laws in Britain. Most major train and bus companies in the UK have a few rules in place regarding vaping. Generally, you can vape on trains and buses, but you cannot vape around train and bus staff and on inter-city trains.

Vaping in Planes

As it stands, it is legal to vape on planes, but many airlines have restrictions in place. 

Cigarettes and any type of tobacco are illegal to be carried on any flight within the European Union. While we won’t be able to get into the specifics of plane vaping laws, we will say that it’s illegal to vape on flights within the UK, as well.

Vaping While Driving

Vaping in cars is one of the biggest grey areas for UK vapers. No one knows for sure, and it can be hard to know what is and isn’t allowed.

While it is possible that you can vape while driving, a number of local authorities and health care professionals would disagree.

Vaping in Stadiums

Vaping laws in the UK are pretty solid when it comes to vaping in stadiums. While there is a restricted area, you can vape pretty much wherever you see fit. You just need to be aware of the vaping laws in place.

It’s best to check the rules of the venue you’re going to, as the rules may differ from stadium to stadium, and event to event.


The places where can you vape in the UK will continue to change as more restrictive laws are introduced. As we currently stand, it’s best to take note of the vaping laws in place and make sure you follow them strictly.

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