Vaping With Nicotine: Is There Unseen Danger? - What to Know -

Vaping With Nicotine: Is There Unseen Danger? - What to Know

Nicotine is an addictive substance that causes the “high” that cigarette users feel. For vapers, e-liquids contain various concentrations of nicotine to help give them that uplifting and sedated feeling. However, vapers must know the safe and proper consumption to avoid any dangers associated with its intake.

While nicotine vaping is generally safe for adults following certain conditions, there are numerous case studies and resources that narrate the possible long-term side-effects of consuming nicotine. Like any addictive substances, such as alcohol, minors are not legally able to consume them for restraint and self-control issues. However, some adults exhibit poor self-control too once they’re addicted to the substance.

The Potential Dangers of Nicotine Consumption

Aside from the debatable long-term effects of nicotine, most nicotine consumers are unaware that the wrong ingestion of the said substance can cause a fatal reaction. When e-cigarettes were gaining traction and popularity over the years, the associated increase of accidental ingestion of e-liquids was a report in poison control agencies.

Remember that although e-liquids are safe as a vapour, the case is different for its liquid form, especially for children. Touching the nicotine-rich liquid without any protection is as good as ingesting it. Your skin can absorb the liquid like a sponge and distribute uncontrolled concentrations of nicotine to your system.

The safety of your children and pets are a priority. Because of that, it is necessary to invest in child-proof caps for all your e-liquid storage. Although they are more expensive, the benefits they bring are priceless. If you are not yet informed, there is an ongoing discussion for lawmakers to require all e-liquid manufacturers to put child-proof caps on vape e-juice products in the UK instead of common variants in all of their products. The law wants to minimise the occurrences of nicotine poisoning in children.

Cheap Products Are Usually Unsafe

Cheap products often compromise on safety. The dollar or two that you save is not worth the damage to your health in the long-run. When you consume cheap products, you might not experience their adverse effects immediately. Still, you can consider it a ticking time-bomb that will detonate and shock you indefinitely in the future.

Even so, there are also expensive brands that do not produce safe products. Experts recommend that you purchase known brands from reputable sellers. One thing to consider is the bottles. If they are using plastic containers to store their product, avoid them. The plastic bottles alone are a clear indication that they do not value the health and safety of their consumers. Instead, pick manufacturers who only have glass bottle containers. The chemicals in plastic containers might leech into your liquid and can damage your health as a result.

Expert Safety Storage Tips

If you have children or pets, make sure you store your goods in safe and unreachable areas. The hiding spot should also be cool, dry, and away from direct sunlight to maintain their freshness and viability. If you have the extra budget, you can purchase a lock to have an extra layer of protection for your peace of mind. In doing so, you minimise the chances that your children or pets to play with it.

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