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3 Ways to Differentiate a Premium Vape Juice From a Cheap Vape Juice - Our Guide

If you’ve found yourself in love with vaping, we don’t blame you, since it’s such a cool and satisfying hobby! However, you’ve probably already encountered a problem. The premium vape juice you bought to enhance your vaping experience tastes strangely like the basic juice you bought—or sometimes even worse than that. Sadly, this is a common occurrence, as the vape-juice industry loves to abuse the term "premium." Because of this, as an established vape shop, we want to help you understand what premium vape juice is actually like, and how you can tell the difference between a fake premium juice from the real deal.

 There are many variables that differentiate premium and cheap vape juices, however, these are the essential things to keep an eye on:

1. Ingredient Quality

Vape juice is only as good as its ingredient, or in this case, where that ingredient came from.

While all vape juice manufacturers use VG and PG as a base of all their vape juice, where the two ingredients are sourced from can be the difference between a good and bad e-liquid. So, how can you tell them apart? Check the labels on the bottle. If you find that the ingredients are sourced or manufactured in the US or Europe, you can be confident that you are dealing with a good product. If it is made from Asia, be a little cautious, as Asian-made liquids have a reputation of being cheap. This is because western regulations are much stricter compared to the ones found in the east.

2. Mixed Flavors

Artificial ingredients are usually much easier to produce and of much cheaper quality compared to organic and natural ingredients. This means that if you were to look for premium vape juices, you would look for ones that are mostly, if not entirely, natural. Plus, natural ingredients are usually much purer, giving you a far better vaping experience compared to the ones that mixed with artificial flavourings.

A great way to go about figuring this out is to look at the manufacturer's reputation. If you find one that claims to offer premium products and proves it in the form of an all-natural vape juice, you can rely on the fact that all their other products are also premium.

3. Taste

If you have bought yourself a "premium" vape juice only to be treated with something that tastes more like plastic, you’ve probably just been tricked into purchasing a cheap vape juice. However, sometimes the opposite happens and you can end up with a basic vape juice that tastes like a premium one.

While you might be happy with that at first, do note that you might be putting yourself at risk. It is known that the cheaper variants contain harmful chemicals that can irritate your lungs. There are no regulations on this, and that’s why products such as those exist. Unfortunately, differentiating between a cheap juice versus a premium one can be tough at times, so make the choice wisely.


In summary, premium vape juices taste better, are made of higher quality, and are presented in a well-designed bottle. On the other hand, cheaper vape juices will taste fake, are made out of impure ingredients, and stored in cheap containers. That said, you might still settle for more affordable vape juices for the simple fact that they cost a lot less. If that’s the case, then be a bit wary. As we mentioned earlier, these basic juices can sometimes contain harmful chemicals. So, for the sake of your health and vaping experience, opt for authentically premium vape juices from a reliable vape shop!

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