Vapour Vs. Smoke: What’s the Difference? -

Vapour Vs. Smoke: What’s the Difference?

When non-smokers witness people burn cigarettes and use vapes, they sometimes get confused regarding the two, at least as far as smoke and vapour are concerned. The obvious difference is that smoke comes out of cigarettes and vapour comes out of vape devices—but beyond that, many are actually dumbfounded that they aren’t the same!

Despite their similar appearance and presence of nicotine, vapour and smoke are vastly different. For those planning to make the switch from cigarettes to vapes and you’re wondering what you’re dealing with, it’s essential to distinguish the two before deciding.  

If you want to know the difference between vapour and smoke, keep reading below. 

Smoking a Cigarette

Every time you take a puff of your cigarette, the smoke you make is due to the way cigarette burns and undergoes combustion—the result of burning something and changing its chemical form. In a nutshell, smoke comprises particles of carbon which you can see, a burning substance, and various byproducts of combustion.

That’s why each time you burn something, you end up dealing with an array of matter, some of which can be dangerous to your health once you inhale them. When you take a hit of your cigarette, you always have to exhale the smoke and avoid keeping it in for a long time.

Using a Vape

On the other hand, vaping involves a different scenario. Each time you vaporise a substance like e-juice, you end up modifying its condition, although it still generally has the same molecules with the previously vapourised matter. As a result, the vapour you release each time you vape isn’t actually “vapour,” but aerosol. The aerosol present comes from your e-liquid that produces a suspension of fine particles that temporarily hang in the air before dropping to the floor. 

Since the particles involved in vaping are liquid, unlike what cigarette smoke contains, inhaling them involves fewer complications than smoking cigarettes. Moreover, because people belonging to the vaping community are used to mentioning vapour instead of aerosol, the technical differences don’t matter too much! 

The Difference Between Smoke and Vapour

They Have Different Structures

Besides the fact that both cigarettes and vape mods contain nicotine, they don’t have anything else in common. Cigarette smoke involves chemicals, mostly carcinogens and other substances that are harmful to inhale. Meanwhile, a vape’s e-juice and the vapour it produces is much safer to consume. 

Vapour Smells More Pleasant

Smokers and non-smokers know that the smell of cigarette smoke tends to last in an enclosed area for a long time, unlike vapes. When it comes to producing vapour, it can disappear in just a few seconds, including the pleasant scent it offers. 

Smoke Tends to Leave Remnants

When you find yourself smoking a cigarette indoors a lot, you may end up negatively affecting the space and stain the walls, furniture, and other fixtures and turn them yellow. It’s the result of tar, a sticky matter that’s the culprit behind the residue that smoke leaves behind. Also, smoke’s combustion byproducts, like carbon monoxide, can make the staining worse.


Now that you know the difference between smoke and vapour, if you’ve been lighting cigarettes for a while now and you’re considering an alternative, you could try getting a vape. When you decide to quit breathing in smoke, you never have to deal with having the unpleasant smell all over your clothes and inside your home and car. Instead, you can have a better experience ingesting nicotine without dealing with the negative impact of smoking cigarettes.

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