Vaping Basics: Finding the Perfect Nicotine Level—What to Know -

Vaping Basics: Finding the Perfect Nicotine Level—What to Know

For those interested in getting into vaping, the question is always the same: what nicotine strength should I get for my e-juice? 

There is no one exact answer to that question, as one person's needs will differ from the next, not to mention their vaping habits. However, it is generally believed that light smokers can get away with “weaker” nicotine e-liquids, while heavy smokers will need to use higher level nicotine e-liquids. While the notion is largely true, there are very particular cases where this cannot apply. In other words, the answer is much more complicated than saying "get a level depending on how you smoke!"

To help you identify exactly how much nicotine your e-liquids should have, here are some considerations you must make.

1. The habit

If you were a smoker previously, then you should be thinking about what exactly your smoking habits looked like. For example, you may be the type of person who smokes a cigarette all day long or that type of person who smokes one or two a day. Whatever your smoking habit looks like you will want to reflect your smoking habit with vaping. 

For instance, if you take little puffs of smoke throughout the day, you can opt for low-nicotine vape juice to give you the same amount of nicotine as you would typically get with those shorter sessions. However, if you smoke one or two packs of cigarettes in one sitting, then you will surely want a higher nicotine level to ensure you get the same hit without going out again for another drag.

2. The vapour

It is established that the more vapour a device produces, the more nicotine will be absorbed by the body at once. How this plays in choosing a nicotine level for your e-liquid is that if your device produces a lot of vapour, you will want low-nicotine liquids. However, keep in mind that you will generally adapt to your device, meaning you will vape as much as you need to get the nicotine hit you are used to. However, if you find yourself vaping continuously, the chances are that you are not getting enough nicotine. You will either have to choose another device that produces much more vapour or an e-juice with more nicotine to compensate.

3. The throat hit 

The one thing smokers love about smoking is the sensation they get in their throats—better known as the “throat hit.” Vaping also gives a similar throat hit, although in a different intensity, depending on the device and nicotine level used. 

Generally, the higher the nicotine count and the more the vapour, the stronger the throat hit will be. Unfortunately, we cannot tell you exactly how much of what will produce what kind of throat hit—so some experimentation will need to be done from your end to ensure it hits you just right!


In summary, a little testing on your end is a given to discover the perfect nicotine level for your vaping. However, now that you know the factors that change depending on nicotine level, we hope that you will discover far quicker the perfect nicotine e-liquid to satisfy your needs. 

That being said, we highly recommend starting off buying one bottle of each strength, from low to high. That way, you can switch out the juices for a different type to see each will affect the vaping experience—and from there, you can make the finer tweaks to discover the perfect nicotine level for your needs!

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