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Water and Alcohol: Can You Use Them When Vaping?

The vaping trend has taken the scene by storm, and this can be seen by the growing number of vapers all over the world. Vapers often experiment with different flavours and mods to produce a massive volume of smoke, which is highly satisfying for these individuals that they don’t shy away from. Moreover, vape modifications have also turned into a hobby that has made many people go crazy over it. Because of this, the popularity of vaping isn’t dwindling anytime soon.

Along with the adventurous streak most vapers have, many are curious about the possibility of vaping elements that are beyond the ordinary, such as water and liquor. Have you ever thought about using them both?

Can You Vape Water?

Yes, you can, but don’t expect that it will give you the same results you’ll get out from vaping e-juices. One huge difference is that using water will not let you produce heavy clouds of smoke. When inhaled, it quickly condenses and turns back into water.

There is also a high chance that it could damage your mouth by burning your lips or tongue. In the worst cases, it could even burn the pharynx. Vaping water also will not give you any sense of fun, which is one of the reasons people vape the many flavours they can explore. With water, there’s nothing to look forward to, not even smoke.

Can You Vape Alcohol?

Vaping alcohol may sound shocking, yet it is possible, though it works differently. You don’t need tanks for this, but you will need to vape through the Vapshot or a similar system. It works by heating the alcohol from a source of heat and inhaling it.

Despite the possibility of vaping alcohol, you must also exercise caution in doing so. If you will vape alcohol, be sure that you do it in small portions. Moreover, you’ll get a serious high from this, so be cautious. Similarly, there are various health and safety risks when it comes to vaping alcohol, such as overdose.

When you overdose from alcohol vaping, you won’t be able to vomit it, meaning that it will stay longer in the bloodstream and cause the user to collapse. Another matter is that inhaled alcohol can go through the nasal passage that may cause nerve damage, dementia, and brain swelling.


At this point, you now know that you can vape water or alcohol. However, they will not be as satisfying as with e-juices and will not give you massive clouds of smoke. Also, when it comes to water, it defeats the purpose of vaping as it lacks flavour and smoke. On the other hand, with alcohol, it has serious consequences that can put an individual’s health at risk.

If you want to make your life a little less complicated, it’s still best to stick with genuine vape juices instead of inhaling elements that are not normally used. If you want to experiment, there are many juices to try out in the market, since vape shops always create new flavours to make the vaping experience even more enjoyable. Enjoy your vaping, try out different juices, and make sure that you get them your products from a reputable store.

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