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What Features to Look for When a Buying Vape for Outdoor Use

As the vaping industry flourishes, numerous models and features of e-cigarettes become more and more available on the market, with each having various functions to offer. Now that there are so many types of vapes to choose from, you can conveniently customize your vaping experience according to your needs and liking.

If you enjoy vaping outdoors, make sure that your device can withstand the harsh weather and environment outside. You need to be mindful when choosing the model and make of your e-cigarette.

There are numerous factors and features to consider when buying vape for outdoor use, and several of those are:

1. Long-lasting battery

Vapes are battery-operated, so when you're using one outdoors frequently, choose vape batteries that will last you a long while. Additionally, vaping higher wattage runs down your battery quickly. So, aside from batteries with a good capacity, also look for lower wattage vapes.

You can also purchase vapes with external batteries if you are a heavy outdoor vape user. This will allow you to carry pre-charged spares of vape batteries wherever you go. However, if you don’t like the idea of external batteries, you can just carry a portable power bank to charge your battery when it runs out of energy.

2. ECO mode option

New models of e-cigarettes now have advanced features, including the ECO mode. This mode allows you to use your vape without consuming much of your battery energy. However, it doesn’t fire your cylinders at full power; hence, your vape won’t be as powerful. Use this mode only when it is needed.

This is a good temporary solution in case you run out of batteries outdoors and you don’t have close access to energy plugs.

3. Magnetic drip tip cover

Whether you’re just running errands outside or you’re going on a hike, you must protect your vape from dust, dirt, or mud that can clog your device.

For this, you can use silicone caps for everyday use. However, if you carry your e-cig while doing extreme physical activities, use a magnetic drip tip cover and protect your vape from extreme weather and environments.

4. Robust build

If you bring your vape with you on extreme outdoor activities such as hiking, you might want to protect your device from damage or breakage when it falls. Among all the vape parts, it is the tank that is the most sensitive. Once it gets damaged, your e-cigarette won’t work the same.

Purchase a vape that has a tank cover made of good material. Overall, your device should have a robust and sturdy build. It should be made from a scratch-free material and outfitted with a good grip, especially if you use it a lot outdoors. You can also keep your device in a case when not in use to make sure that it is protected.


A vape is a sensitive electronic device. If you’re using it outdoors, make sure that it is secure and well-protected. Get good quality vape batteries or vapes equipped with an ECO mode so that it’ll last as long as possible while you’re outside. Additionally, choose one that has a metal drip tip cover and a sturdy build to avoid your e-cigarette from getting damaged.

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