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What You Need to Know When It Comes to Vape Rewards

Wouldn't it be great if you could get rewarded for buying vape kits in the UK? Not just kits, eitherparts, batteries and other accessories? This is what Vape Rewards are all about!

What Are Vape Rewards?

Our vape shop will always be grateful for all the customers we get, and as a way of giving back, this loyalty program was born. It's also a great way to learn about customer likes and dislikes to help with a better enjoyment of only the good things. Earning rewards starts immediately upon signing up, and most of all, it's absolutely free!

Sign up, earn 10 points for every £1 you spend and redeem points for vouchers you can use at checkout! There are also "Boosters" that can be unlocked for extra bonus points. These come through reaching targets and achieving certain tasks.

Points System

The 'Rewards' button on your screen, at the bottom left corner, allows for easy access to the points you earn. Your Vape Rewards point balance will show as soon as you click on the button if you're logged in to your account, of course. It's also where you can redeem said points because the rewards you earned will display themselves. Just click Redeem on the offer you want to use; a code will pop up that can be applied during checkout.

Earning points is limitless, and they have no expiry date; for as long as your account is active and open, your points will be there. 

Why Sign Up for a Rewards Program with V8PR?

We Have a Wide Selection of Products

Put simply, V8PR is the best online retailer in the United Kingdom for e-cigarette and vape supplies. We are a registered stockist of major vaping brands Aspire, SMOK, Wismec and Eleaf, boasting over 2,000 premium items at hand. In terms of e-juice, there are over 200 flavours of Shortfill and TPD on hand.

Offers Fast Shipping

In terms of longevity, V8PR has been around for nearly a decade, continuously supplying the vaping community with only the best of the best products. Whether it's vape kits or e-cigarettes, the latest and the best are always on hand. Orders over £15 get free postage in the UK and, if ordered before 4 PM, get shipped off that very same day. Orders placed over the weekend are prioritised come Monday morning.

Exemplary Customer Service

Customer service is also a high priority, and nothing less than excellence will do. If you ever require assistance or need clarifications on the Vape Rewards program, reach out to the friendly team who'd be more than happy to help!


Vape Rewards is a points-based reward system for V8PR customers that's absolutely free. It's a way to give back through rewards that can be earned through a point system. Every £1 spent is equivalent to 10 points; points can be redeemed for vouchers to use at checkout. The program is free, and the points will only expire if the account is closed down. Targets and tasks will be provided for the chance to unlock extra bonus point 'Boosters', which can lead to more rewards.

Are you looking for an online vape shop that comes with perks? V8PR is here for you! We’re a premium vaping supplier where you can shop a wide range of products while earning points.