Recycling Vape Products Is Beneficial to the Environment -

Recycling Vape Products Is Beneficial to the Environment

Unfortunately, the conversation of climate change has been going on for years with no perfunctory end in sight. There have been many studies and comprehensive research about the Earth's damages over the centuries, if not thousands of years ago. Still, the need for sustainability has yet to really gain the urgent momentum it should have a while back.

When you buy products from a vape shop, sustainability and recycling are likely the last things on your mind. However, it is possible to recycle vape products, though what is considered recyclable is at the local authorities’ discretion.

Cartomizers, Clearomizers and Vape Tanks for Recycling

Before vape tanks and the like are recycled, they must get a thorough rinse to remove all residue of e-liquid. Otherwise, liquid nicotine could leak and harm the environment if it ends up in a landfill. People also have the option to get very detailed and take their refill apart, in order for various components to be placed in the appropriate recycling bins.

E-Cig or Vape Batteries for Recycling

Your e-cig or vape batteries, which are the main part, can be recycled. However, disposal has to be done correctly since hazardous chemicals are involved. There are designated battery recycle bins at recycling facilities or supermarkets.

E-Liquid Bottles for Recycling

The EU TPD e-cigarette regulations from May 2017 require e-liquid bottles to be made with plastic. There's a symbol on plastic products that signifies the type of plastic they're from; it will help to know how that particular plastic can be recycled. As with other items, a rinsing should be done to prevent any residue from being left over.

Recycling is a key part of helping to slow down climate change. Another one is to buy e-liquids locally instead of from other parts of Europe or even the US; this helps cut down on the global overuse of fuel. Read on for tips on being a more eco-friendly vaper:

  • Donate or reuse vape equipment where possible - Some mods come with a variable wattage mode. This means they can be used with a variety of tanks, allowing for a reuse instead.
  • Higher nicotine strength - This will lead to less vaping, saving on consumption of e-liquids and plastic. A good rule of thumb is to move towards salt nicotine e-liquids. There's a faster bloodstream absorption and a much higher nicotine ratio. That will also lead to far less cravings.
  • Use e-liquid that's not high on sugar - Coil ends up dying faster with lots of flavouring because of the sugar. In order to prolong its lifespan, the use of tobacco or menthol is best.


Climate change is a serious problem, and one way to contribute to slowing it down is through recycling. Many people may not realise their vape products are recyclable, but they are, from the batteries to the tanks. Even the e-liquid bottles, which are made of plastic, can be recycled somehow. It should be noted that before anything is recycled, it should get a thorough rinsing to remove any possible residue.

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