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What You Should Know About an Overheating Vape

Vapes devices are great alternatives to traditional cigarettes—not just in terms of health, but also in helping prevent discolouration in fingers and teeth. Using them can take a little adjustment period, and those who are just starting out might notice that they heat up as the vape batteries supply the necessary energy to the vape’s coil. While these devices are meant to get hot to a certain extent, one that constantly heats up to temperatures that rival a hot frying pan should be examined properly.

It’s important not to panic when you notice your vape heating up more than usual. If you notice that the battery is getting hot, however, then it would be a good decision to check out for any potential issues. Here are some tips and tricks to fixing a heating vape device:

Identifying the Heat Source and Temperature

Before getting your vape checked, it’s important to identify where the root of the problem is to figure out how serious it might be.

Figuring out where your vape is getting the hottest is crucial, and it will come from one of two sources: the battery or the tank. Working out where the excess heat is originating from might be tricky since it tends to disperse throughout the device. One tip is to feel the tank’s base where the coil is and then feel around the batter section next—you may feel a difference in where it’s hotter.

Another thing to consider is how hot the vape is getting. Areas that are literally too hot to handle aren’t normal and should be checked as it may indicate a more serious issue. Take a cloth and, with both hands covered, remove the tank, as it may be auto-firing. If the heat is coming from the battery section, then taking quick action by removing the battery is a must to prevent more serious problems with your vape. 

Consider buying quality replacement parts from a reputable online vape shop in the UK to prevent any further risks from overheating parts. 

Common Causes of Overheating Vapes

Fortunately, there’s a pretty common and uncomplicated explanation as to why your vape is heating up more than usual. 

The coil is the component of your vape that’s designed to heat up for it to work and could be causing the trouble. It can certainly seem alarmingly hot as it reaches temperatures of about 300°C, especially if you’re chain-vaping. 

The type of coil used will affect how hot your vape gets. Clapton coils that are made from a core of wire with an outer wrapping can get hotter than a standard coil. The more complicated a coil is, the hotter it will get, especially if you’re vaping at a high wattage. 

Cooling Your Vape Down

The solution, of course, would be to cool your vape down to prevent damaging it and causing a hazard. Since coils are the usual culprit, cleaning your coil to get rid of any gunky e-juice residue may work. However, the more common and effective solution is switching to a new coil from your favourite UK vape shop. 

If this doesn’t work, then you can narrow it down to other causes, such as a faulty battery or a broken atomiser.


Being familiar with how your vape operates is extremely important to determine what is or isn’t normal, such as extremely hot temperatures. Knowing what to do in case this happens is a must for any vape owner to prevent any unwanted accidents from happening. Having a reliable source for new vape parts is equally important as you never know when your device may need a spare part or two to maintain a quality experience. 

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