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What Exactly Is Causing Vape Devices to Explode?

Once in a while, we hear stories of people carrying around vape devices that seemingly catch fire and blow up for no apparent reason. This might worry you, especially if you are interested in trying out this hobby. While the cause of concern is justified, the reality is that the chances of a vape device exploding is little to none. Only under specific circumstances is there a slim chance for a vape device to spark and blow up. But what are those circumstances? Most of the time, it's because of disrepair.

The lack of maintenance is the leading cause of vape device failure, which can lead to it exploding. However, this risk can easily be eliminated with minimal maintenance. In this article, we will talk about what causes an exploding vape device, and how you can make sure yours does not end up in the same unfortunate fate.

The battery

If your first guess is that the source of the explosion is the battery, you would be right. Many vape devices use lithium-ion batteries that are used in many other devices, such as phones and laptops. These batteries are praised for their reliability and safety. The only way such a battery can fail is if they are subject to extreme circumstances, all of which you can avoid.

Keeping the battery safe from explosions

One of the biggest reasons a battery may fail is because it gets too hot. There are many causes of overheating batteries, from leaving them near a heat source to overusing them. In many cases, an overheated battery will only result in a shorter lifespan. However, it can also lead to a compromise in safety.

A damaged battery can also be caused by moisture. When a battery gets wet, corrosion may set in and damage the components. It can also lead to short-circuits that can cause fires and explosions.

Another reason a vape device's battery may fail is if it is charged with the wrong USB charger. For instance, you may be tempted to connect your vape device to a phone charger, and this should not be an issue in most cases. However, you should avoid doing so if the vape device comes with its own power brick.

Finally, batteries can also be too old. If you were to keep using old ones, the risk of failure increases.


Simply put, proper care and maintenance are required to ensure that your vape device performs optimally without risk of any accidents. To care for your vape, keep it in a cool place, avoid placing it near any sources of water, be sure to use the right charger, and replace the battery when it gets old. Sticking to these guidelines will eliminate the possibility of a battery going off by itself, which can potentially injure you or even worse.

That said, remember to only buy high-quality batteries from trusted manufacturers. That way, you can rest assured that the battery you use will perform as expected, allowing you to fully enjoy your vape.

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