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What You Should & Should Not Do with Your Vape Batteries

In the world of vapes, it is unfortunate that this excellent hobby is plagued with tales of exploding batteries. While it is true that some vape batteries can explode, that is because the battery is not cared for properly. To ensure that you have the most fun out of your vape without worry about exploding batteries, here are the dos and don'ts of battery use:

1. Do carry out some research

Before you buy a vape device, always do some research first. You would want to ensure that you purchase a device that comes with a reliable and durable battery. However, if the device of interest does not come with a battery, you will need to do additional research to buy a quality battery yourself. In most cases, always opt for reputable brands. They are reliable for a reason.

2. Do invest in a quality vape device

Often, if you invest some money into a quality vape device, you do not have to worry much in terms of the battery it comes with. However, if you skimp out on a device, the risk of the battery going nuclear increases.

Remember, you get what you pay for, and this applies exceptionally well in the vape world.

3. Do pay attention to external temperatures

If you decide to bring your vape out as you travel around, pay attention to the external temperature. If it is too hot or too cold, do not bring the vape. These vapes need to be at a certain temperature to function properly, and extreme temperatures can easily damage batteries, increasing the likelihood of an explosion.

4. Do charge it with the right cables

Usually, when you buy a vape device, it comes with a prepacked charging cable. While you would often use that, you might be tempted to use another cable since they might share the same connection. Unfortunately, different cables can mean that different voltages can enter a battery designed for a specific voltage. This can cause the battery to overheat.

5. Do not overuse the battery

You might be tempted to drain the vape device from any power left to make the most out of one charge. This, unfortunately, damages the battery. Not only does it weaken the battery, but it also damages it. For this reason, always keep the battery as charged as possible, but not overcharged as well. Also, when the battery runs low, do not continue using it.

6. Do not charge the battery without keeping an eye on it

Whenever you change your batteries, always place it where you can keep tabs on it. Otherwise, if there is no safety mechanism, such as a cut-off procedure when the battery is full, the batteries can overcharge, heat up, and become damaged further.

7. Do not keep on using damaged batteries

If you already have damaged batteries, replace them right away. Using them continuously is only asking for trouble, and an explosion in your pocket might just be imminent.


Always use batteries from a reputable brand, use the right charging cables, and charge them properly. Failure to do any of that can lead to overheating that will damage the batteries and increase the risks of going off in a fiery explosion. That is the last thing you will ever want to happen when you are out there trying to enjoy a good hit, so take good care of your battery and your vape device.

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