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4 Factors That Lead to Leaky Vape Tanks - Our Beginner's Guide Part 2

There's nothing more frustrating than dealing with a leaky vape tank, but the messy experience isn't exclusive to rookie vapers. It's an inevitable frustration that can happen due to several factors that even long-time vape vets can overlook now and then. 

Knowing the primary culprit behind leaks can help you avoid most sticky situations, so the guide below should give you a clue in the factors that cause your tank to spill out. This should help you troubleshoot your leaky problems and chase clouds with minimal accidents. 

Factor #1: Filling Your Tank's Chimney with E-Juice 

A quick way to overfill your tank with a sticky mess is when you accidentally spill into the chimney. For those of you who don't know, the chimney refers to the tub that connects the tank to the mouthpiece. 

It's not meant to hold e-liquid, so filling or accidentally spilling juice inside the chimney can cause the tank to gurgle as you inhale and eventually leak out. Fortunately, you can easily fix this problem by cleaning the liquid off the chimney using a paper towel. 

Factor #2: Damaged O-Rings

Another common reason behind leaky vape tanks is a damaged O-ring, which describes the rubber ring surrounding the top and bottom of the tank. It's responsible for sealing air and keeping juice tightly inside the tank, but it can tear or rip apart due to wear-and-tear. 

Fixing the problem is relatively easy, too, though it does require you to buy replacement rings. Not to mention, placing the new O-rings back to its proper place is an effortless task even for beginners. 

Factor #3: Leaving Your Vape to Sit In a Horizontal Position 

This situation happens even to the most seasoned vapers as there are times when you may leave your vape to sit horizontally - be it's when it's resting in a loose pocket, or when it falls to its side in your car. 

With that in mind, storing the tank on its site can lead to e-liquid to spill out from the airflow holes, which results in spillage. Staying aware and ensuring you always keep your device in an upright position will reduce the likelihood of dealing with leaks from your tank. 

Factor #4: Old or Faulty Coils 

The factors mentioned above are all obvious problems, but some issues are less noticeable. After checking for the o-rings and you still find leaks, you may need to dig deeper to find the root of the problem. In this case, it may be due to a faulty or old coil. 

Old or poorly-done coils will not wick the juice properly, which leads to fluid leaking out of the airflow holes. With that in mind, replace the old coils and be sure the new ones are screwed properly into the device. 

The Bottom Line

Knowing the common factors that cause leaky vape tanks increases your chances of avoiding the sticky situation. Of course, conducting preventive maintenance checks is still recommended since there could be problems with your coils or the device itself when dealing with sudden leaks. 

It also helps you troubleshoot the problem in case your tank still spills, allowing you to fix it and get back to cloud chasing as soon as possible. 

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