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2 Signs You Need to Get a New Sub-Ohm Tank Right Away

After enjoying your vaping set-up for a while now, you’ve probably come to the point where you believe that you’re set for life, thanks to the experimentation and testing it took to get here. 

Although you’ve gone through a few different iterations of what you believe is your “end-game” set-up, your expertise and the insights of hundreds of different vapers in your community have convinced you that what you have is excellent. With the amazing flavour, thick clouds, good heating consistency, and the best burn possible that you’re getting, you have every right to feel content.

Yet, with the vaping details that you’ve been enjoying and the perfect experiences you’re getting each hit you get, it’s time to address one more thing with your set-up: Getting a new sub-ohm tank.

Why it might be time to get a new sub-ohm tank (and some signs to watch out for)

Sure, you would like to believe that your sub-ohm tank is the most indestructible device after going through so many hits with it, but the truth is that it will eventually meet its end.

Compared to other parts in your set-up, your tank is one of the most vital parts that can make or break your vaping experiences, especially when it comes to the bigger picture. Unfortunately, the fact about having a sub-ohm tank that can’t be overlooked is that it isn’t built to last forever, but you can still expect V8PR’s stock to last you for years! 

If you suspect that your trusty tank is bound to die off sometime but don’t want to feel the inconvenience of having it die out of nowhere, here are some signs to get a replacement ASAP: 

1. Your flavour is weak

Ah yes, the one experience that no one wants to go through: not tasting your e-juice when you take a hit. This is something that you definitely don’t want to go through when COVID-19 is still rampant, either. 

Often, not having flavour pop through even though you have a fully-loaded tank is linked to the fact that a sub-ohm assembly is no longer firing the way it used to. After going through a lot of vaping sessions, heavy usage, and lots of beatings with every hit, the part’s components will no longer process the juice as best as possible, meaning that you’ll need to get a new one!

2. You are not getting the cloud quality you usually would

Apart from having weak flavours with every hit that you take, another key sign to get your sub-ohm tank replaced right away is when you start to get really weak clouds.

Considering that weaker flavours and clouds go together once one of them pops up, it’s safe to say that having the latter happen also correlates with an ailing sub-ohm tank. Fortunately, keeping an eye on this sign once it pops up and getting a replacement right away will allow you to avoid experiencing an untimely problem that will dampen your daily routine!


Out of all the different experiences you can have with your vaping set-up, one of the worst problems you’ll run into is having your sub-ohm tank suddenly fail. Although there are many different signs to watch out for when spotting the end of your tank’s life, keeping an eye on the two mentioned above will help you prevent any associated problems ASAP!

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