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What Are the Benefits of Switching to Salt-Based E-Liquid?

There's an ongoing trend of nicotine lovers upgrading their vaping experience through a revolutionary blend of e-juices. Salt-based nicotine vape juices, or nic salt juices, are the latest craze that can be a great addition to your vape kit's new configuration. It offers a more seamless experience that's almost like puffing an actual cigarette, making it an excellent entryway for smokers to make the shift to vaping.

The numerous advantages of salt-based e-liquid

Chemically speaking, salt-based e-liquid is structurally more potent than typical freebase nicotine e-liquids. This is why many vapers are switching to nicotine salt or nic-salt products. Besides its improvement in flavour, it provides numerous benefits to your overall vaping experience.

If you're not yet open to buying salt-based e-liquid, here are three benefits that can convince you to try it out:

1. Simpler learning curve for smokers

People planning to switch from smoking to vaping don't always go through the smoothest learning curves. Adapting to the different maintenance needs of a vape kit, learning the various components' purpose and replacing parts are just some of the obstacles a smoker needs to go through. Thankfully, nic salt products will be a great way to introduce a beginner to vaping.

Since it offers the closest sensation to smoking over freebase nicotine e-juices, you won't have to go through experimenting on the right nicotine amounts for your build. You can start vaping without being unfamiliar with the difference in taste and feel. Additionally, your vaping sessions will be shorter, unlike usual. The lesser vaping time protects your throat from the disadvantages of prolonged nicotine buzz, making nic salts an overall better investment logistically.

2. Fits well with pod mod systems

Pod systems, or open-system vapes, are more accessible and easier to use with nic salt products. Because they’re less complex than advanced box mod setups, you won't have to spend too much time learning how to maintain your build's different components. For example, sub-ohm setups have a greater risk of breaking due to their sensitive materials in the form of glass tanks.

In contrast, pod systems are lighter and more durable, making them a better starter kit for the long-term. Additionally, you're less likely to upgrade your parts to suit the evolving trends in the market. It's an excellent way to discover the difference between nic salt vaping as a newcomer to vaping.

3. Lessens your e-juice consumption

Although your vape kit's components will last for several uses, you're likely to replace your vape juices every now and then. You could spend too much on e-juices, depending on how frequently you vape. This is why it's best to buy e-juices in bulk to avoid purchasing them for a higher price individually.

With nic salt products, you'll discover that you'll be inhaling less vapour in your sessions since the nicotine hit is much more potent. Unlike freebase nic e-juices, you get more nicotine per puff to give you the same high with a much shorter ramp-up from your vaping session.


Innovations to vaping will continue to develop on a technical and chemical level. Thanks to vaping's growing popularity, improvements from bulky atomisers to handheld vape kits will keep on being more accessible and appealing to veterans and newcomers. Nic salt products are a gamechanger in many ways, allowing vapers to discover more methods and combinations to improve their vaping experience.

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