Vaping After Brexit: Our Thoughts of the Future -

Vaping After Brexit: Our Thoughts of the Future

Whether you walk into a pub, public smoking area, shopping mall, or nursing home, you’re bound to hear one specific topic apart from the COVID-19 crisis: Brexit.

Regardless if you’re for it or against it, this critical political move undertaken by the government is set to tremendously affect different parts of our daily lives. From grocery prices and service costs to travel restrictions and additional application processes, the effect of this move (which was actually a few decades in the making) is widespread. 

Amid all the talk about how the United Kingdom leaving the European Union has affected our lives, there’s one specific question that you may have in mind: “What are the vaping regulations going to be like after Brexit?”

Will Brexit affect vapers?

Absolutely––As vaping regulations in the past were already tedious, things seem to be growing even more difficult because of the set of new regulations that may be implemented on vaping products. Taking the past and available documentation on economic shifts into consideration, there are various concerns that any socially-aware vaper may have, such as:

  • The minimum age that someone can start vaping.
  • The ability of products in the UK to conform to high safety standards, even though strict EU guidelines are no longer in place.
  • The quality of vaping products after various restrictions on certain ingredients are going to be lifted.

A guide to everything that can happen 

While there isn’t any legislation or set of present regulations that can be used as valuable reference points at the moment, there are still a few developments that you can watch out for. If you want to prepare and stay ahead of any changes or updates that may affect your vaping experience, here are some of the most plausible effects to watch out for: 

1. Product quality will remain the same

At this moment, the biggest concern that vapers have about post-Brexit changes is whether or not they’ll still get to enjoy the high-quality products.

Despite the absence of the European Union, the UK is guaranteed to keep a firm hold on product quality because of the size of the market in the modern British economy. Taking the fact that the country is the second-largest market for vaping products worldwide (with more than 55 million projected vapers this year), the government can’t afford to lose customers by being lax with standards. 

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2. There will be significant changes to regulations concerning vaping

With the European Union’s added restrictions being lifted from the UK market, vape advocacy groups will have the opportunity to lobby for actionable changes to set regulations that will help improve current standards. Drawing insight from past voiced concerns and commonly-requested changes, advocacy groups, suppliers, and shops may now convince the government to: 

  • Lift restrictions on bottle and tank sizes as well as nicotine strength options. 
  • Allow them only to comply with guidelines set by the Committee on Advertising Practice (CAP).
  • Produce appropriate promotional content that makes vaping more appealing to smokers looking to quit. 
  • Only have nicotine warning labels placed on products that contain nicotine in them.    


While there are many changes to watch out for as Brexit assumes full effect and alters the way life goes in the UK, the changes that await for the vaping scene are especially critical. Through this guide’s help, you can ease your anxieties and build the right expectations for what’s to come whenever you buy your vaping supplies!

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