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3 Beginner Mistakes Every Vaper Should Avoid - Our Guide

Admittedly, the experience of buying a new vape, testing it out, and finally using it can easily pose itself as one of the most exciting times that anybody can enjoy in their lives.

Whether you just love the idea of vaping or are a former chain smoker who is looking for a healthier alternative, getting your hands on a vape device is an exciting moment. Before all the first puffs begin, however, there’s one concept that you’ll need to consider with an open mind: The common mistakes you might make as a beginner.

The mistakes you need to avoid

Similar to any other wrongdoing, the mistakes that first-time vapers make are problems that should be avoided as much as possible. Fortunately, staying away from these mistakes so that you’ll have an enjoyable experience can be done by knowing what they are in the first place.

If you’re about to get your first vape and want to make sure that everything goes smoothly, here are three mistakes you should avoid:

Mistake #1: Cheaping out and buying any vape product of inferior quality

In the world of vaping, an unspoken rule that will always apply is that your vaping experience will only be as good as the quality of the devices that you invest in. While standard options may be a bit costlier, it’s always a better idea to scale down and settle for an original vape.

The main reason quality matters when it comes to the devices and items you invest in is because fake and cheap options are bound to deliver a terrible vaping experience or immense injuries. If you don’t want to experience secondary smoke, poor battery life, poor flavour release, or inadequate vapour protection, then it’s definitely best to go original from your first moment.

Mistake #2: Spending too much on vaping gear from the beginning

Opposite from the mistake above, another common mistake that first-timers often make is that they end up buying options that are immensely costly to impress their friends. In the end, they find out that they have an option that’s too complicated to enjoy.

While it may be true that higher prices equate to better quality up to some extent, the truth is that you don’t necessarily need the most expensive vape juice, the most high-tech vape mod, or the fanciest tank. Starting off with a simple vape pen is more than enough to start the whole experience on the right foot and keep you hooked right away!

Mistake #3: Not investing in high-quality bottles of e-juice

No matter how great your mod is or how well-built your set-up is, you’ll never have the best vaping experience possible if you don’t get the right bottles of vape juice. Vape juice and the device itself go hand-in-hand in ensuring the overall quality of any vaping experience. This means that you’ll never be able to enjoy your device if you don’t enjoy the juice you’re using!


As a beginner to the vaping world, it’s essential to ensure that nothing spoils the very first few moments of your entire experience, or you risk the possibility of never wanting to vape again. By watching out for the critical mistakes mentioned above and following the accompanying guides on how to avoid them, you can keep your experience as pristine as possible while enjoying each puff!

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