Vape and Driving: 3 Tips to Use Vape Safely When On the Road -

Vape and Driving: 3 Tips to Use Vape Safely When On the Road

The vaping community is hitting the headlines in recent years as it offers a safer alternative to tobacco smoking, which is why there are more rules, regulations, and insider etiquettes spreading around to ensure vaping remains safe and accepted for all.

There is no official rule on the books regarding vaping and driving, for instance. Vaping may offer a tasty pick-me-up between traffic jams, but it is expected that every responsible vaper can exercise caution when vaping out on the open road.

Realistically speaking, you can get away with a few short puffs now and then. But it's best to avoid chasing clouds, filling tanks, changing batteries, and more when you're behind the wheel. Here are some tips that should help put you in the right lane when it comes to vape and driving:

Tip #1: Never Vape with Your Window Closed

Vaping out on the highway is never a good idea since it keeps one of your hands busy while your attention is divided. But the reality is that there are stubborn vapers who need a quick pick-me-up during a long drive. In these cases, one way to vape safely is to open the windows when taking a hit.

This is because the deposition of your vapour can quickly fog up your windshield. The sticky residue clinging on to the glass will be a pain to wipe off, but it can become a major hazard as it obstructs your view of the road.

Tip #2: Never Drip and Drive

The itch to vape may be intense, and while it's okay to get a good hit with your windshields open, it's never a wise to refill your tank even when you're stuck in traffic. For one, drip and driving can be highly dangerous as it ultimately detracts your attention from the road.

Even when you're parked, there are other factors worth looking out for on the highway. There could be a car speeding dangerously close to you, or different situations that can hit you unexpectedly. Filling up on your favourite e-juice even on a red light won't do you any favours either, and can potentially result in angry drivers honking behind you when you miss the green light.

Tip #3: Store Your Device Securely When in the Car

Leaving your device lying anywhere on your car seat can be messy, especially when the tank is on its side as it can lead to leaks. Keeping them in your pockets isn't ideal either since it makes it difficult for your hands to pull it out when you're sitting behind the wheel, which can turn the situation hazardous.

With that in mind, it's best to store your device securely within arm's reach. The cupholder isn't necessarily the best place, but it's enough to keep your vape safe and secure.

In Conclusion: Awareness is Key to Safely Chasing Clouds Out on the Road

Vaping and driving is not a good combo; the same reason that texting on the road is risky. Nonetheless, the tips above should help you minimize the risks and safely carry your device wherever you go.

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