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A Guide on How to Clean Your Vape Device the Proper Way

Maintaining the good condition of your vape device requires simple tasks, such as changing its coil or replacing its pod. However, devices that have been ignored for long periods might need a deeper cleaning. Furthermore, using a vape that is not taken care of can make the smoking experience less exciting. There will be a noticeable change in the overall performance of that vape, including the subtle change in flavour and its cloud production.

This is why regular cleaning is necessary. These devices should be cleaned at least once a month, but for regular users, once a week is advisable. Regular cleaning will help you ensure that your vape is free from any debris and that they are always in their best shape.

In this article, we will share a quick guide on how to clean a vape mod and a tank the right way:

Vape Mods 

They are a type of e-cigarette. Since they’re an electrical item, it is best to avoid washing them with water. Here’s what you should do instead:

  1. Remove all the parts that can be detached from the body, such as the batteries, battery door, tank, and case.
  2. Clean up the lints and other visible debris found in all parts of the vape.
  3. Wipe up the device using a dry paper towel.
  4. Use a cotton bud to clean the hard-to-reach areas. Ensure that all parts are cleaned including the insides of the connection pin and the surrounding of the charging port.
  5. Check your batteries for any sign of damages. Replace and never use a damaged battery.

Tip: To ensure that your vape mod is always at its best condition, make sure that there’s no leak on your tank; carefully observe it during a refill. This is because an e-liquid leak can damage the entire circuitry of your mod.

Vape Tanks

Since they are not e-cigarettes and contain more liquid, they require a more thorough way of cleaning. Here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Remove all the detachable parts of your tank. Include all small parts, such as the drip tip, glass tube, bottom cap, top cap, coil, extension pieces, and others.
  2. Lay down all the vape tank components inside a heatproof bowl or cup.
  3. Add warm water onto the bowl or cup. Make sure it is warm and not too hot. If boiling water is poured, it can damage the tank.
  4. Leave it for around five to ten minutes to allow the residue, dirt, and dust to melt away.
  5. In case some residue is too stubborn to dissolve, try adding some washing up liquid onto the affected area and then lather it. Then, rinse under running water until the soap is completely washed off.
  6. Drain and use a clean paper towel to dry them off.
  7. Make sure all parts are completely dry before you reassemble them.

Tip: To keep your vape tank at its best condition, take note of the following information:

  • If your coil has burnt out, dispose of it immediately.
  • Make sure the airflow holes of your vape are free of debris.
  • Make sure the pin is also free of debris to avoid any connection interruption.


You don’t want to find yourself one day vaping, and the taste of your herbs suddenly changed. Additionally, you wouldn’t want the dirt and bacteria going inside your vape and into your lungs! Thorough cleaning of the device once in a while will help you keep it in good condition for a long time so that you can enjoy the vape experience more.

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