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3 Common Reasons Your Vape Kit Is Getting Hot

When you’re casually using your vape one day, and you feel a portion of your device feels extremely hot, you shouldn’t panic right away. Instead, remember that vape mods are actually developed to handle the heat.

Vapes work with the help of their batteries, which transmits energy to the coil. It converts the energy into heat and causes you to inhale the vapour, leading to a great cloud-chasing experience. If you’re new to vaping, you should expect your mod to heat up normally.

However, the only time you have to rethink your vaping methods is when your device gets too hot to handle, and you could end up getting hurt if you aren’t careful. Keep reading below to find out why your vape becomes hot every time you use it and how to solve your problem.

You Could Be Using Your Vape More Than Usual 

One of the most typical reasons for a vape getting too hot is your frequency of usage. While plenty of people tend to chain vape, you should try to avoid it as much as you can, especially if you want your vape tank to last for a long time.

When you fail to take care of your vape, and you end up chain vaping, its coil can get too hot that it could injure you and reduce the quality of your vaping experience. Limiting your use and taking a break from vaping could significantly help lessen the hot temperature of your device.

While it can seem complicated to do if you’re a regular vape user, using your vape consciously and practising methods like taking a full breath of air between each vape helps. Scheduling some time off from vaping can also allow your vape coils to cool down to ensure each vape experience you have is enjoyable.

You Could Have the Wrong Coil Installed

Another possible reason for a hot vape could be the kind of coils you’re using that does not end up matching your device. Vapes come in various styles, and they can fall under mouth to lung (MTL) or direct to lung (DTL.)

 The vape coil you purchase to complete your setup should be compatible with the kind of vape you plan to buy from a vape shop. Moreover, if you’re set to buy a complex-looking coil, it has a bigger chance of getting hot after a while of consistent use.

If you develop a habit of chain vaping using high-quality vape coils, you can expect your device to overheat faster than usual. However, those who prefer using modern vape coils can guarantee their device can withstand high temperatures, giving you the opportunity to vape at higher wattages without having your device heat up.

You Could Have Your Wattage Set Too High

Every time you use your device, it acquires power from its vape battery to produce heat, directing it to your coils and allowing you to inhale flavoured vapour effortlessly. Unfortunately, if your battery exerts more power, it could overheat and result in a hot vape.

To avoid problems, you should always double-check your vape to discover how much power it’s utilising. Take note that it should match your coils and vape kit correctly to ensure you can use your vape without issues. Typically, vapers maintain a wattage between fifty and seventy-five.

If those numbers don’t work for you, it’s best to experiment until you discover the amount of wattage you’re comfortable with and ensure you have an exciting vaping experience. Always keep in mind to avoid pushing your vape too much, or it will become too hot to use.


It’s normal for your vape to heat up but not to the point that it becomes difficult to use and starts hurting you in the process. When your device overheats, it could be due to many reasons. Some common causes include your frequency of vaping, having the wrong coil installed, and setting the wattage too high. For best results, you should take it easy and vape responsibly, enjoying the flavour of your e-juice every time you inhale the vapour.

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