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3 Common Types of Vapers: In Which Group Do You Belong?

Many cigarette smokers who are looking for ways that could help them quit smoking are turning to vaping. Some non-smokers, on the other hand, are drawn into the appeal and aesthetics of the vaping community. Because of that, the e-cigarette industry has boomed over the years, and more and more people are flocking to vape shops, willing to try vaping. Now, vape users have become a diverse community that consists of adults from all walks of life. That has formed different types of vapers, which are the following:

1. The cloud chasers

The cloud chasers are the type of vapers who have been smoking or vaping for a long time now. They have already mastered producing and puffing big, thick vapour clouds, and with their skills, interest, and enthusiasm, they are considered amateurs or professionals. Vapers who have been professionally competing belong to this group.

If you are the type of vaper who is fond of puffing huge vapour clouds, experienced in vaping for a long time, and has an advanced level of knowledge in various aspects of e-cigarettes, then you might be a cloud chaser.

To beef up your puffs and create thick vapour clouds, you may consider using thicker, high-VG e-liquids and explore sub-ohm vaping and coil-building. This way, you will avoid overheating, get the ideal temperature, and produce full-bodied vapour clouds. You can check our trusted online vape shop in the UK to look for the e-liquid that you need.

2. The flavour chasers

You are a part of the flavour chasers if what matters to you the most in a vaping experience is the taste you enjoy. It means that the taste is your priority, and you don’t mind the size and thickness of the vapour clouds you produce.

The flavour chasers are always on the lookout for the next best flavour by exploring and sampling various e-liquids from different brands to get the most flavorful vapour possible. They are also fond of customising their various e-liquid flavours to create the taste that suits their preferences best.

Attaining the richest, smoothest flavour possible is best done by using thinner, high-PG e-liquid varieties. You can supplement it with high-quality drippers, glass tanks, wicks, and coils to ensure the pure flavour of your e-liquid.

3. The tricksters

Tricksters are passionate about practising and showcasing their vape tricks and vapour-blowing skills. Casual hobbyists and experienced vapers who compete in trick competitions are part of this type of vapers. Also, just like the cloud chasers, the tricksters are fond of producing bigger, thicker vapour clouds. It allows them to make impressive vape tricks.

Many skilled and experienced tricksters are on various social media platforms to show off their vaping skills and impress their audience. By establishing their online presence, they can attract attention from vapers and non-smokers alike, boost their influence, and eventually become vape promoters or brand ambassadors.


The vaping community is composed of various types of vapers and diverse groups of people. By knowing the different types of vapers, you can understand more about the vaping community and the industry and appreciate more the dedication and passion given into improving vaping skills. Which type do you think you are?

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