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A Beginner Vaper's Guide to Reducing Nicotine Intakes

For most vapers, the push to make a switch over to electronic devices is driven by the need to give up a nasty smoking habit that has plagued one’s health for a significant amount of time.

Although the damages that come from years or decades of smoking may not necessarily be undone in an instant, moving to vape helps initiate a wave of positive change and recovery that makes it easier to repair the body. Within a few months or years (or even weeks), using either vape pods or full-blown atty-mod sets can help the body adjust well enough to jump into optimal health.

Among all the factors that you’ll need to consider when using the humble vape as a life-saving push away from your bad habits, there’s one factor you’re most likely still overlooking: your nicotine intake.

Why nicotine is a must-avoid compound

Although it’s not as harmful as the tar or cancerous chemicals found in a cigarette, nicotine is still a dangerous chemical that needs to be avoided because of its intrinsic properties. Apart from being addictive, it’s been linked to various physical and mental health problems like peptic ulcers, anxiety, and uncontrollable spikes in the body’s glucose levels.

Although many may associate it with the previously-mentioned harmful vice, the truth is that bottles of vape juice also contain nicotine in an effort to help recovering smokers drop the habit without withdrawal symptoms.

A few handy tips in reducing your nicotine intake when vaping

Fortunately, controlling your nicotine consumption while vaping and lowering it until your body no longer needs it can be easily by following a few crucial tips. To ensure that you get the right results, here are two tips that you can use:

Tip #1: Take a systematic approach to cut your numbers down

What many smokers-turned-vapers tend to overlook when trying to ditch their nicotine habit is that they make the experience harder for themselves by not tracking their progress and results.

Similar to losing weight, saving money, or gaining muscle, successfully stopping nicotine is an endeavour that entails holding yourself accountable by jotting down your intake and managing it. Once you start keeping track regularly, you can gradually cut your intake and progressively monitor your results until you get to zero grams!

Tip #2: Stock up on your favourite vape juice in different levels of nicotine

Another effective way to ensure that you can easily come off of nicotine without going through a risky cold-turkey experience is to use a “Step-Down” approach with your favourite vape juice.

Best aimed towards vapers who want to go for an experience where they don’t easily realise the changes being made, buying the same flavour of vape juice in varying nicotine levels makes for a methodical approach. Through this method, you essentially start with a vape juice that has a nicotine level that you’re used to (30 grams, for instance) and work your way down five or so grams every two to three weeks until you get to zero grams!

If you’re looking for a place to help you start, V8PR’s line of vape juices come in different nicotine level options that range from 30 grams to zero grams to help you gradually decrease your intake.


For many years, vapers have mistakenly continued consuming nicotine when enjoying their vape juices. However, the truth is that any vaper can live a better life without it. With the help of this guide, you’ll be able to gradually and effectively ditch your nicotine consumption habit so that you can have a healthier vaping experience!

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