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3 Easy Ways to Clean a Vape Tank For Beginners - Our Guide

It's easy to get carried away when you're chasing clouds, but failing to clean your vape tank can dampen the experience and keep the device from operating to optimal efficiency. Dirty tanks can stain your juice, leading to weak flavours or a ghostly mix of your past e-liquids.

Your vape device isn't like traditional cigarettes that you can throw around and ignore when you're done taking a hit. It's a piece of machinery that needs regular maintenance to provide the best throat hits possible. With that in mind, cleaning your tank is a crucial step in preventing future problems with your coils and keeping the flavours as fresh as possible.

How to Clean a Vape Tank

Step #1: Empty the Tank

When cleaning a sub-ohm tank, you first have to twist the tank either from the top or base of your clearomiser. Empty the remaining e-liquid by dumping the contents on a tissue and wipe it out as you can.

Step #2: Rinse the Remaining E-Liquid

The next step is to rinse the residual e-liquid from the tank by running it under warm water. Blast a relatively strong current of warm water for 30 seconds to ensure every surface is cleaned.

Step #3: Dry the Tank for a Few Minutes

Drying the tank is crucial, especially if you want to avoid any accidents with the electronic device. With that in mind, you can quickly dry off the excess water by inserting a tissue to soak it all up. Twist it around to ensure you get all the nooks and crannies.

Keep in mind that it will leave a moist residue around the tank, so before placing it back to your device, leave the tank to air dry for five to ten minutes. After checking for dryness, you can assemble the device and refill it back with your favourite e-juice.

Deep Cleaning Using PG or VG

If you can taste ghost flavours of your previous e-liquid after cleaning the tank thoroughly with warm water, then it may be time to do some deep cleaning. You can easily do this by soaking the tank in PG or VG, both of which have antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Not only are they critical substances for your e-juice, but they can also eliminate persistent particles that are difficult to rinse out with plain water. This can effectively remove stray flavours, allowing you to enjoy the full nuances of your new juice.

With that in mind, you can clean using PG or VG the same way you clean your tank with water. The only difference is that you use PG or VG, but be sure to use an amount that's enough only to submerge the tank. Be sure not to heat it! The final step is to rinse off the PG or VG in running, warm water.

The Bottom Line

Cleaning your tank is a must for every responsible vaper. Not only does it help prevent issues with your coils, but it also ensures you can have a flavour-packed experience without any lingering taste of your old e-liquids.

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