Vaping and Sex: The Best Combination For Your Sex Life? -

Vaping and Sex: The Best Combination For Your Sex Life?

Smoking after sex is one of the greater pleasures of life, which is why movies tend to glorify their sex scenes with an after shot of the protagonist smoking. While media is often a far cry from real life, this particular scene is a common sight in reality, especially for those who smoke on the daily.

Now that vaping is becoming the trend in today’s society as a smoking alternative, it begs to question whether this method will have the same effect on one’s sex life as smoking does. To clearly understand it, here are several factors to look into the relationship between smoking, sex, and vaping.

The Effect of Smoking on Sex

Smoking after sex is an incredible feeling. While one teases the physical sensations to a climax, the other stokes your mind to achieve an incredible calm, unlike anything you’ve ever felt before. Many think that the need to smoke stems from addiction, but the timing is all about enhancing the basic pleasure you feel from the collaboration of these two sensual acts.

Does Smoking Affect Sex?

The short answer to whether smoking affects sex is yes. While smoking can induce a particularly relaxing and intoxicating high after sex, this particular habit can affect your sexual prowess during the act itself—and not in a good way. Smoking contracts blood vessels, therefore restricting the blood flow needed for regular physical activities, sex included.

This doesn’t only put a strain on the physical act, but it also affects erectile capabilities in men, as well as menstrual irregularities in women. Furthermore, smoking is heavily correlated to an overall loss of sexual interest—thus also affecting arousal and succeeding sexual activity.

Why Choose Vaping Over Smoking?

Vaping is widely regarded as the better alternative to smoking, as it’s considered less of a health risk as compared to the latter. The huge danger of smoking lies in the smoke in itself, a factor replaced by the use of e-juice instead of tobacco leaves. By avoiding this huge carcinogenic factor, many smoking-related diseases can be prevented, which is why vaping, in general, is the preferred alternative to cigarettes.

Furthering that notion, sex is widely improved and bettered by shifting towards vaping. To cement that point, here are two major factors that improve your sex life by using a vape kit over a cigarette.

1 - Improved stamina

Excessive smoking can take a hit on your overall stamina. By shifting from nicotine to e-juice, you get to regain much of your previous stamina, allowing you to last longer in bed. Apart from that, the overall improvement in circulation could also benefit previous erectile difficulties.

2 - Taste and sensation

Smoking regularly affects your sensory perception by a huge margin. Easing off on it can slowly regain this, allowing you to taste, smell, and feel everything at a better degree—allowing for a more sensual experience in the bedroom. Beyond your own sense perception, your partner wouldn’t have to bear with the reek of smoke that regular smokers usually have, allowing you both to focus on the pleasure of sex.


Shifting from smoking to vaping can really improve your overall health, especially your sex life. Through this simple migration, you won’t just feel better physically, but you’ll also be able to perform even better than usual—allowing your partner to feel more pleasure in the bedroom.

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