Vaping: Should You Be Worried About What's in Your E-Juice? - What to Know -

Vaping: Should You Be Worried About What's in Your E-Juice? - What to Know

Today, vaping has become a heated topic for debate among many in the United Kingdom because of all the questions and stipulations that surround it.

From classic questions, such as “which vape mod is better?” to more recent ones like “is vaping better than smoking?”, there is a wide range of concerns that many have towards the cigarette alternative itself. Generally, these questions (and many others) can be quickly answered by a 30-second search on Google alone, which is more than enough to clear up any disparity. 

Among all the concerns about vaping, however, there’s one problem that many continue to wonder about: the safety of their e-juice.

Why e-juice is now a cause for concern 

In recent years, many have turned their attention towards e-juice. They are now starting to wonder about its safety because of the many mysterious-sounding substances that can be found in the ingredient list of a regular bottle. Given that these chemicals are inhaled in one way or another, it’s understandable to have some apprehension or concern over the ingredients in your e-juice. 

To clear up the air on whether or not the e-juice that you’re vaping is harmless, let’s go over the common ingredients found in an average bottle in greater detail:

Propylene Glycol (PG) 

As one of the proprietary ingredients in any bottle of vape juice, Propylene Glycol is a non-toxic component responsible for carrying its flavour. Commonly used in various medicines, food colouring, and other safe-to-consume products, this component helps ensure that each hit you take with your vape is as flavourful as it should be. 

Is it safe? Yes!

Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

Other than PG, vegetable glycerin is another proprietary ingredient that’s derived from its namesake, which gives e-juice its distinct sweetness and thick consistency. It’s mixed with PG to balance out its density and provide a smoother vaping experience. This is the reason most, if not all, e-juice products have a PG/VG blend. 

Is it safe? Yes!


Another common ingredient that’s found in most e-juice options is nicotine. Commonly, this proponent is included to help former smokers gradually ditch their habit in a much more controlled manner and provides a safer and more convenient way for other vapers to get their daily nicotine fix. The nicotine content in e-juice is safe because it’s added in controlled amounts to ensure that no headaches or other problems happen during a vape session.

Is it safe? Yes!

Artificial flavourings

To give a bottle of e-juice its distinct flavour, manufacturers—such as the products that V8PR carries—use artificial flavourings. As opposed to natural extracts, synthetic variations are longer-lasting and provide a better-quality consumption experience for any vaper, all without any harmful effects.

Is it safe? Yes!


As intimidating as the ingredients list on your bottle of e-juice may sound at first, there’s no need to be worried about what you’re inhaling because it is guaranteed to be safe for you to enjoy. By simply following this guide and taking it into mind, you can enjoy your bottles of flavours without having to worry about anything while enjoying the experience to the fullest!

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