Vaping 101: Avoiding Coil Gunk—What to Know -

Vaping 101: Avoiding Coil Gunk—What to Know

If you’ve been an avid vaper for some time, then coil gunk is one of the biggest nuisances you hate dealing with on a regular basis. Not only does this ridiculous gooey coating ruin the taste of your eJuice, but it also deteriorates your coils as it continues to build up over time.

Why does coil gunk accumulate?

There are a lot of reasons that can lead to the formation of coil gunk. The eJuice you use can be composed of materials that are prone to the accumulation of gunk and residue.

Your eJuice’s sweeteners are usually the common factor, as these can sometimes fail to vaporise properly, leading to gunky residue on your coils. Aside from that, it could also be due to the use of e-liquids with heavy colouring—as the depth of its colour, as well as its sweetness level, can lead to the production of more residue and coil gunk. Gunk residue could also be the cause of e-liquids that are composed of a higher concentration of vegetable glycerin (VG).

Otherwise, it could be the way you vape, as high-power settings often lead to dealing with more coil gunk. If you’re a regular and heavy vaper, then consider using low-power settings to avoid the quick accumulation of residue on your system’s coils.

How else can I avoid coil gunk?

Coil gunk is an inevitable reality with vaping, but there are some ways you can stem its accumulation. In order to help you out, we at V8PR have compiled some tips & tricks to help you manage the grime that comes with consistent vaping.

You could choose to replace your eJuice.

If you love using flavoured eJuice but hate dealing with coil gunk, maybe it’s time to let your old sweetener go and replace it with a new one that has less flavour and lower sweetness level. As much as possible, you should also avoid using eJuice that has darker flavours.

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You could decrease the power of your vape.

Responsible vaping equates to avoiding chain vaping, which also results in less coil gunk build-up as well! As stated earlier, if you want to decrease the buildup without reducing your frequency of vaping, then your best option is to turn your power settings down a notch. You will immediately be able to observe how a significant decrease of residue accumulation on your coils!

You could switch up your eJuice.

If the coil gunk accumulating in your vape has become an incessant problem, then you could also try changing your eJuice to one with a lower VG ratio. Picking one that has lower than 70% VG has the best results in reducing your coil gunk, so consider choosing those!


If you’ve gone through all the steps we’ve advised and you’re still left to deal with coil gunk, then consider rebuilding your atomiser! Having one with an easy-to-remove wick can be a decent way to allow easier removal of coil gunk. Using a different material for your wick can help too—silica or ceramic are better at avoiding the accumulation of coil gunk in your vape!

We hope we were able to help you lessen your vape problems with the information we’ve provided. If you’re looking to buy vaping kits, eJuice, and other accessories, check out our online vape shop in the UK for a variety of products for all your vaping needs!