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3 Tips to Opening a Jammed Standard Vape Tank - Our Guide

Dealing with problems with your vape device can be tricky, but some are easier to handle than others. You can swap out dead batteries, clean out the e-juice, or rewick broken coils, but when it comes to unscrewing a stuck vape tank, it requires further tricks and tips to get the job done right as smoothly as possible. 

A jammed vape tank typically happens due to a threading issue, which is caused by over-tightening the tank. Some leave the device dusting for months with the e-liquid still in place, resulting in a crusted tank that is difficult to twist open. With that in mind, the list below explores some simple hacks that can help you untwist your stuck vape tank:

Tip #1: Improve Your Grip Using Rubber Gloves

Sometimes the best way to tackle a complicated problem is to start with a straightforward solution. Try to unscrew the tank naturally by improving your give and torque, both of which you can do by wearing rubber gloves. 

You can also add a rubber band around the metal part of the tank to improve the grip, allowing you to twist it without slipping. Keep in mind that you should still pay attention to your strength since squeezing too tight can also damage the tank. 

Tip #2: Let the Tank Sit in Hot Water 

If the rubber gloves method isn’t working and you’re dealing with a dry, sugary e-liquid crusting around the tank, then one of the best ways to remove the sticky layer is to leave it running under hot water for a few minutes. 

Be sure it’s hot enough to melt the e-juice residue, but never shock the tank with boiling water as it can easily crack the glass. You know it’s the right temperature when you can still hold the hot tank without getting burned in the process. 

Tip #3: Use Pliers and Vice Grip When All Else Fails 

Some stuck vape tanks can be stubborn, and when all other methods fail, then it’s time to whip out your vice grip and locking pliers to unscrew the tank. It’s a rather extreme solution that requires careful handling, so be sure to opt for locking pliers with rounded inner teeth to minimize the risk of leaving any damages on the glass. 

The Bottom Line: Exploring Different Hacks to Successfully Open a Stuck Vape Tank 

Dealing with a jammed vape tank can be extremely frustrating, but there is a myriad of solutions that allow you to give it a quick fix without breaking too much of a sweat. 

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