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3 Tips to Properly Store Your eJuice and Extend Its Shelf Life

While eJuice typically lasts for a relatively long time, it will inevitably spoil after some time. Once that happens, the liquid will no longer taste good, and any nicotine content it might have had will have dissipated.

The good news is that you have ways to delay the spoiling process. Just like how you can preserve certain food items in salt to make them last longer, or leave them in the fridge to keep them fresh, there are many ways you can extend your eJuice’s shelf life. Here are a few tips to show you how: 

1. Store them in the dark and away from air

Light can be a real killer to vape juices. That is because, even if it does not heat the bottle, light can promote oxidation. This process will break down the contents of your e-liquid, especially the nicotine content. It will also alter the physical appearance of the liquid, turning from whatever colour it was to an ugly brown.

Air can also do the same thing as light in terms of oxidizing the eJuice. Unfortunately, there is no way you can keep your juice bottles air-tight forever, as you will need to open them once in a while to refill your tank.

That being said, note that some eJuices tend to oxidize much more quickly than others. For example, flavours like coffee will turn brown fast. This discolouration will not necessarily harm your body, but the juice will not be pleasant to vape. Keep them safe from light and air as much as possible.

2. Place them in proper containers

When it comes to your eJuice’s containers, you can choose either plastic or glass, although the latter is the better choice.

Plastic containers are only suitable for short-term storage. The material is much more porous than glass, which allows air to seep in and slowly oxidize the contents. However, if you keep your plastic containers in a cool and dark place, you can slow down this process significantly. 

On the other hand, glass containers, especially the dark-tinted varieties, are perfect storage options. They are not porous at all, and the material will not react to the liquid as plastic will. While it will cost you a bit more to use glass, it is recommended, especially for long-term storage.

3. Keep it away from heat sources

Heat is one of eJuice’s greatest nemeses. Even if your vape juices are kept in air-tight containers away and placed in the dark, heat can still ruin them.

Remember to keep your vape juices in cool places. You can use a drawer or a dedicated box, but perhaps one of the best options is your fridge. The cold temperature will keep your eJuice fresher for longer, which is particularly helpful if you like to purchase in bulk. Just remember to implement a sorting and labelling system so that you can keep track of your usage.


When it comes to storing your eJuice, all you need to remember is to keep them in a cool, dark, and air-tight place. By meeting these three requirements, you will be able to keep your eJuice for much longer.

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