Preventing E-Liquid Contamination - What to Know -

Preventing E-Liquid Contamination - What to Know

In recent years, many smokers of tobacco and cigarettes have switched to an electronic smoking alternative, and this has created a higher demand for producing e-liquids. Because of this, e-liquid makers began to appear all over, which led to concerns over the quality and safety of the e-liquids being produced.

Is e-liquid contamination a concerning issue?

Whether you have been using an e-cigarette from a local store or a vape kit from an online vape shop, as long as you use e-cigarettes, know that there are harmful effects of e-liquid contamination. This can put your health at risk due to exposure to allergens or viruses, the transmission of diseases, and the development of bacterial infections and other health problems.

How do e-liquids get contaminated?

E-liquids can get contaminated when they are created in environments with poor manufacturing conditions due to dust, dirt, bacteria, viruses, and other harmful particles. These products can also have unknown and questionable ingredients that might be unsafe for human consumption.

What should you look for when buying e-liquids?

Whether you are consuming e-cigarettes or cigarettes, you need to make sure that all products and substances that you put into your body are safe for consumption at all times. Keep in mind that you have the right to demand transparency from e-liquid stores and producers to know the ingredients of their items and the process of how their products are manufactured.

If you are planning to buy e-liquid, it is best to look for vape shops that provide full transparency about the items they offer. Find a shop that shares the percentages of PG/VG they use, the nicotine content, the source of ingredients, and the environment where their e-liquid is created.

What type of e-cig company must you buy from?

When you are searching for e-cigarette companies, find one that is open about the manufacturing process and environment of their products. Here are some characteristics of a great e-cig company that you should look for:

They produce high-quality products


When it comes to quality, look for an e-liquid with glycerin sourced only from producers with the best quality. Make sure to check if their formulas are registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are Generally Recognised as Safe (GRAS)-approved.

They maintain high standards

All products of the e-cig company that you should buy from have to be created only from state-of-the-art, sanitised labs that are registered with the FDA. These labs should also strictly adhere to the highest e-liquid manufacturing standards.

They include Lot Numbers

Lot Numbers are used to identify a specific quantity of product from a manufacturer. This enables the e-cig company to track the items back to their sources. To determine if your product has Lot Numbers, check its packaging.


If you are a smoker who is interested in making the switch to e-cigarettes, follow the guide above so that you won’t transmit germs when vaping. To prevent experiencing the negative effects of e-liquid contamination, make sure that your e-liquid is sourced from clean and high-quality ingredients and made from a sanitised environment.

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