Regulated vs. Unregulated Mods - Which Is Right for You? -

Regulated vs. Unregulated Mods - Which Is Right for You?

As a vaper—or if you want to switch to vaping—you must understand the basics and stay informed with the latest vaping trends. For one, the vaping industry is constantly changing. New kits and vaping mods are being developed and released into the market, which means vapers get to have more options as time goes by. Additionally, new technologies allow manufacturers to innovate and release products that help enhance the vaping experience.

Back in the early days of e-cigarettes, options were limited to mostly vape pens and tube mods. Nowadays, vapers can also choose among pod systems and mod devices.

In this article, we will focus on box mods and the main differences between a regulated and an unregulated box mod.

Regulated and unregulated box mods

Box mods vary in many ways, but one will either be regulated or unregulated. While it sounds like it may add to the complexity of vaping, the difference between these two categories simply lies in the power they output and a subset of features.

Regulated mods

For starters, regulated box mods are typically what the average vaper will purchase. These vaping devices have a main prominent feature: the device regulates the voltage output from the battery, ensuring that it doesn’t draw too much power.

There are different types of regulated box mods, depending on their power draw features, namely fixed voltage mods, variable voltage mods, variable wattage mods, and temperature control. Simply put, regulated mods have features that limit the amount of power they draw from the batteries to control the voltage and the temperature. Most regulated mods also allow the user to choose among the features as modes.

Unregulated mods

Unregulated box mods are essentially about raw power. These devices don’t have circuit boards and electric safety features, which allow them to draw as much as they can from the batteries. While this may sound unsafe, the primary reasoning for this is to allow vapers to fire up any type of build. Since the mod is not bound by power restrictions, it won’t be limited to the resistance of the coil.

Unregulated mods are generally what most advanced vapers use. Since they are knowledgeable enough when it comes to building and the safety threshold for the coils they use, they are able to draw more power and broaden their vaping horizons.

Unregulated box mods differ mostly on functionality. Under this category, vapers have various options: mechanical mods, squonk boxes, series mods, and parallel mods.

Choosing between the two categories

To determine which mod is right for you, identify your purpose. If you’re looking for something easy and versatile, regulated mods are perfect, especially if you’re a beginner. Because regulated mods can limit and automatically control the temperature of the coils, you will surely have a smooth and easy vaping experience by using one.

On the other hand, if you’re a little more enthusiastic about diving deeper into the art of vaping, or you just want to be able to blow bigger clouds, you may want to consider going for unregulated box mods. However, you must keep in mind that unregulated box mods are not simple to use, and safety hazards must be observed. As such, it’s imperative that you do more intensive research before going for unregulated mods. You can also ask your local vape shop for more information and guidance about these types of box mods.

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