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4 Tips for Safely Using Your Vape Battery - Our Guide

Battery safety is no laughing matter, and in vaping, it’s the most important matter of all. There are many reports of vape batteries exploding on people and causing grave injuries. This is why vapers must know how to care for their batteries responsibly. It does not matter how long you have been vaping, or how successful your modifications have been. An accident can happen to anyone, which is why you should always know how to be safe while using a vape.

Vapes contain lithium-ion batteries. These are similar to the ones you find in most electronics. The difference is, in a cell phone or a laptop, your batteries power up quickly and discharges slowly. In contrast, vapes need to create short bursts of power to quickly heat the vaporizer coils. Lithium-ion batteries inside a vape are not connected to a controlled system of diodes the way they are inside a smartphone. All the energy is contained in an exposed coil, which heats up the e-juice to a point in which it can vaporize instantly.

Choose a device with fail-safes

Most vapes sold today have safety cut-offs like protections from overheating, short-circuiting and other battery problems. These measures will immediately power your vape down once an error in power supply is detected, leaving you time to figure out how to keep your device safe.

You should also purchase a good charger as a protective measure. Buy a smart charger that will shut itself off when it detects that your batteries are full. Otherwise, be mindful when charging your vape. It is possible to heat your batteries too much and possibly cause them to explode.

Do not leave your vape where it can explode

Leaving your vape in a place where it can reach excessively high temperatures is like leaving a candle burning while you sleep. Avoid leaving your vape in the car, where it can explode from the heat. If you are going to the beach and are worried that your vape might overheat, you can put it in a bag inside a cooler. That way you keep it safe from both the sun and the water.

Know where your vape is at all times

When you are at home, you might feel relaxed and secure. “Nothing can happen!” you might tell yourself. After all, you are inside your house. When you own a vape mod, though, you must be even more responsible when you use it at home.

There are many ways you could create a fire hazard from items you have at home. Merely leaving your vape on a windowsill, for example, could cause it to overheat. Misplacing your unit when there are children or pets in your home could lead to all sorts of complications. Protect yourself and your loved ones by being responsible about your smoking implements.

Avoid discharging or overcharging

Lithium-ion batteries cannot be discharged or overcharged beyond a range. It could damage the batteries’ internal structures, making it more prone to permanent damage. At times, this just means your batteries won’t be as effective the next time you use them. Unfortunately, there is some chance that your batteries might suffer more serious consequences.


Owning a vape includes knowing how to care for its components. Battery safety is something all vapers should know about, and doing so will help them get the most use out of their vape.

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