Vape Coils: How to Know It's Time to Change -

Vape Coils: How to Know It's Time to Change

Vape coils can be expensive, but there are ways to extend their lives. You can prime them before use, as well as clean them regularly. Unfortunately, they are not designed to last forever. You may wish to save yourself some extra time and money in the process, but no matter how diligent you may be in maintenance, you will need to replace them eventually. It’s one of the few things that comes along with vaping, especially since safety should be regarded with the utmost importance.

Remember that the coil is responsible for heating the e-juice, which then helps produce the vapour you enjoy. To help you understand when it’s finally time for a replacement, here are some signs you need to watch out for:

Sign #1: Not much vapour

Especially when done mindlessly, you may fail to be aware of the amount of vapour you produce. One sign that you need a coil replacement is a reduced vapour production, so you may want to observe your vape sessions more carefully. It depends on the frequency and rhythm you have when vaping, but as soon as you notice that your coil produces and satisfies you less and less, it’s probably time to get a new vape coil.

Sign # 2: A presence of burnt taste

When you notice a burnt taste, your coil has gone bad, regardless of which e-juice you’re using. That means you need to replace the vape coil immediately. In some cases, cleaning may do the trick, but if the burnt taste remains, a replacement is necessary. Unfortunately, this calls for your prompt response—using your vape with a damaged coil will only damage other parts of your e-cigarette.

Sign #3: It’s leaking!

While a leaky e-cigarette may point to other problems, such as worn-out o-rings and overfilled tanks, you may want to check it properly. A coil that is in need of replacement actually causes leaky conditions. When left unchecked, leakage may cause irreversible damages to your entire e-cigarette. As soon as it happens, take immediate action and examine your device well. Should a replacement be necessary, make sure to accomplish it as soon as possible.

Sign # 4: What’s that sound?

A gurgling sound may be the cause of many other problems, one of which is a bad coil. In most cases, a coil that is in need of a replacement makes disturbing gurgling noises every time you inhale. When this happens, check your coil as soon as possible. If the sound continues after replacement, there may be a bigger issue at hand—a new device upgrade may be in order.

Conclusion: Your safety is tantamount

As with any activity, vaping should be practised with caution and safety in mind. That also pertains to keeping your device in check—any sign of it not properly working should be enough to catch your attention. Although rare, there are incidents and accidents surrounding vaping. With that said, take good care of your health and your device!

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