Don’t Buy a New One! 5 Quick Fixes to A Leaky Vape -

Don’t Buy a New One! 5 Quick Fixes to A Leaky Vape

A leaky vape is something that nobody wants to have in their pocket. The slow dripping may cause a wet and sticky stain on your trousers, and while you can have your clothes washed and pressed, there’s still the matter of the leaking vape.

Is a leaky vape too far gone? We’ve got good news for you: There are a few quick fixes to leaky vapes that you can try. In fact, you’ll typically find that leaky vapes are caused by incorrect assembly and rarely because of damage to the unit. That means it shouldn’t be too hard to fix!

Don’t Buy a New One! 5 Quick Fixes to A Leaky Vape

1 - Check How You’re Filling Your Tank

There is a limit to how much vape juice you can put into your tank. If you are unsure about what the limit for your vape is, it is best that you check the manual as to how much juice the recommended amount is. Keep in mind that if you overfill your tank, there is a chance that your vape will leak—and it’s not because of damage! 

2 - Make Sure You’re Tightening the Tank Correctly

It is important to check if your tank is tightened well enough. Make sure the cover is secure, but you haven’t screwed it on too tightly, either. Doing so could result in cross-threading, which will affect the seal on your tank. Either way, this may be the cause of the leak in your unit.

3 - Replace Your Vape Coil

Vape coils have a certain lifespan. If your vape has an older vape coil, it may be time to replace it with a fresh one. Leaking may be a sign that you need to look into the replacement of your vape coil.

4 - Check Your Voltage or Wattage

If you own a vape unit that has adjustable voltage or wattage, you may make the mistake of cranking up the setting too high. This may shorten the lifespan of your coil, making it leak. It is a good idea to check your user’s guide or manual about the optimal voltage or wattage that you should use. 

5 - Look For Damage to Your Unit

If all else fails, look for possible signs of damage to your vape unit. If you notice something out of the ordinary or a part that needs to be replaced, it is best that you have your vape serviced to make the leaking stop and to repair the damage. 


Hopefully, you will have used one of the above-mentioned tips to help you narrow down on the problem with your vape. One last useful tip is to always make sure that your vape pen is standing tall. If you let it tip onto its side, its contents may leak out. Take advantage of your vape’s flat bottom—there is a reason it is designed that way. Other than that, we hope that you will have fixed your vape after reading this blog post!

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