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4 Ways to Extend the Lifespan of Your Vape's Batteries - Our Guide

The situation: you’ve finally pulled out your vape for a quick hit during one of your lunch breaks. In pure excitement over the new type of juice you just ordered, you hastily make your way out of your office to get a few sneaky hits just to see what everybody’s been buzzing about. With the coast clear, you get your vape out and press the button—only to realize your vape is dead.

It’s the dreaded case of “dead bat” all over again.

Now, while it’s a pain to get all worked up about tasting your new juice only to be hit-blocked by your own vape, the underlying problem in this situation is the health of your vaporizer battery life.

You might be charging your vape for the same amount of time every night, but if you’ve noticed that your vape’s battery life doesn’t last as long as it used to (or perhaps it isn’t charging at all), then it’s safe to say that your battery’s best days are over.

Fortunately, dealing with a set of batteries that aren’t performing as well as it should doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to throw out the old batteries and buy a new one. As a matter of fact, you can still extend their lifespans with a few simple tips:

Turn off your vape after you’re done using it

The same way you would with your car or flashlight, turning off your vape when you aren’t using it is a good practice that can help save its battery life in the long run.

The average vape battery, as opposed to other kinds of batteries, is far more prone to easy breakage in the long term because of its smaller size. Due to its size, the batteries can deteriorate with overuse or negligence. However, by fostering the good habit of turning off your vape when you’re not using it, you’ll be able to significantly increase the lifespan of your batteries!

Avoid overcharging as much as possible

Another important tip that can make a world of difference in extending the lifespan of your vape’s batteries is the simple practice of not overcharging your batteries.

As convenient as it may be to just leave your vape charging overnight, doing so can drastically reduce the lifespan of your batteries. By following the recommended charging hours and powering up your vape in the middle of the day, you can protect its battery in the long run and passively extend its lifespan!

Vape regularly

It may seem like counterproductive advice, but vaping daily is one of the best ways to maximize the lifespan of your vape’s batteries without having to do any fancy or highly-technical processes! Daily use often proves to be one of the most effective ways to extend the lifespan of your vape’s batteries because it helps keep the battery’s power cycling regularly to maintain its overall health.

Always keep your vape batteries clean

Lastly, one of the most simple ways to improve the battery health and longevity is to keep them clean at all times.

Throughout the course of using your vape, your batteries are inevitably going to pick up all sorts of dirt that can weaken their own connection to the vaporizer itself and force them to work much harder than they should. After extended periods of overworking, the battery eventually gets drained and loses its ability to hold its charge, which leads to the effect of easily losing power when it’s not supposed to.

With a simple clean every other day or every week, you can significantly chop down the amount of work that your batteries have to put out and effectively extend their lifespan.


Over years of use, your vape’s batteries can experience difficulty in holding their charge, but establishing the right habits and practices for maintaining the lifespan of your batteries can make a world of difference in how long they last.

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