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3 Easy Ways to Prevent Your Vape From Spitting

Vapers love to make the most of their e-juice, but whether you’re the type to go for massive clouds or focus on getting the most nuanced flavours, nothing can ruin a vaping experience more than a vape spitback. Vape spitback happens when a hot, unpleasant e-liquid spits from the tank back to your mouth — a phenomenon that plagues both seasoned and rookie vapers. 

Our Basic Take on Vape Spitting, Leaking, or Crackling 

When a vape spits, leaks, or crackles, it’s usually due to oversaturating your wick with too much e-liquid. When the coil takes on more e-juice than it can handle, the vape device won’t vaporise it properly. Other factors such as the wattage level can also contribute to vape spitback, along with other possible culprits such as a braided coil, thinner e-liquids, and more. 

Now that you have a basic idea of the usual suspects behind a popping vape device, let’s dive right into preventive measures to stop your vape from spitting. 

Tip #1: Flick the Tank 

Since the biggest reason behind a vape spitback is due to your coils drowning in e-liquid, the easiest way to mitigate this problem is by removing the excess juice. Flicking the tank is the most straightforward way to remove the liquid and prevent further flooding. 

Tip #2: Increase the Wattage Level 

Lower power means your coils may not produce enough heat to vaporise the e-liquid, leading to a flooded coil as a result. Increasing the power by five to ten watts higher can make all the difference to your vaping experience as it can improve the device’s vaporisation, allowing you to enjoy flavourful clouds. 

Tip #3: Don’t Overprime New Wicks

When your vape device has new cotton, it’s important to prime with a bit of e-juice to prevent them from burning too quickly. However, overpriming your wicks and/or your coils can flood the device instead, resulting in a troublesome crackling sound and spitback. 

The Bottom Line: Stopping Spit-Backs to Enjoy a Smooth-Sailing, Vaping Experience 

When your vape coils are drowning in too much e-liquid, and you end up taking more hot juice than vapour, then it could ruin your entire vaping experience. No vaper can enjoy the sound of popping vape devices and moulting liquid, but fortunately, it’s a frustrating problem with different fixes. 

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