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5 Ways to Avoid Spitback Encounters When Vaping: Our Guide

Over the past years, vaping has become a fun and exciting activity for anyone. Not only will you savour various e-liquid flavours, but you’ll also enjoy experimenting with your different vape devices and trying different techniques. 

However, nothing can be more annoying than experiencing a spitback when vaping. The chances are that you suddenly taste scalding e-liquid droplets sitting on your tongue as soon as you pull out from your mouthpiece. This vaping issue is called spitback, which can be caused by a handful of factors.

In this article, we will share five practical tips on how to avoid spitback encounters during your vaping sessions:

1. Look for compatible coils and change them regularly

Your coils are often said to be the heart of your vape device as they are responsible for heating the e-juice and vaporising it. So, the best way to make the most of your coils is to invest in the right ones. If you choose a coil that isn’t compatible with your wattage range, it can easily result in a spitback. Also, make sure to change your coil regularly, as it may already be past its prime. If the wick becomes worn out and loses its ability to absorb the e-juice, the vape juice will end up onto the coil and lead to a spitback.

2. Prime your coils correctly

Priming your coils is vital for your overall vaping experience, which is why you must determine the best way of pre-saturating the wicking material with your e-juice before using it. Proper and moderate saturation will prevent your wick from overheating and burning. Unfortunately, some vapers tend to over-prime their coils to avoid dry hits. Because they’re drowning their wicks with vape juice, the coil becomes flooded, and they’ll have some spitback encounters.

3. Have a higher VG Level

In the world of vaping, VG stands for Vegetable Glycerin, which is the counterpart of PG or Propylene Glycol. This natural chemical derived from vegetable oils is ideal for achieving a “thick” sensation to your vapour. Unfortunately, some e-liquid products have lower VG that tends to get onto the coil and result in a spitback. For this reason, you must opt for a higher VG level to have a thicker, more viscous vape juice. 

4. Boost your wattage

You must always remember the wattage level of your vaping. The higher the level is, the better because a low wattage level can lead to a flooded coil with e-juice. If the vape juice isn’t heated enough, it will stay on your wick and might leak to the coil. As a result, you’ll experience a spitback issue. By increasing the wattage, you can expect your vape juice to burn and turn into vapour as soon as possible!

5. Take softer but longer pulls

If you’re pulling too hard on your vape device, it’s time to consider changing how you vape. The rule of thumb is to take softer yet longer pulls. That way, you won’t direct the vape juice from the wick onto the coil and encounter a spitback!


Nothing must stop you from having an optimal vaping experience. To ensure this, follow our guide outlined above to avoid spitback encounters—from changing coils to having a higher VG and wattage levels down to taking softer and longer pulls. With that, you will have a smoother vaping session without getting irritated by hot e-liquid droplets!

It’s time that you have an optimal vaping experience by addressing your spitback issues. As an online vape shop in the UK, we offer e-juices, kits, tanks, clearomisers, coils and accessories, as well as batteries and vape mods. What are you waiting for? Check our wide selection of products and place your order today!