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What You Need to Know When It Comes to Menthol Flavours

Menthol is one of the most popular flavours for people who are into vaping, mostly because of the frosty hit that comes with it. While menthol, sometimes referred to as mint, may seem quite straightforward as a flavour, they're not one note at all. A menthol e-juice you get from one vape shop in the UK will more than likely vary from a menthol e-juice you get from somewhere else. There's an intensive icy sensation with some of these e-juices, while the potency of others is closer to commercial candies like peppermint instead.


Basically, plants that are classified under the mint family have essential oils. One of the compounds found in them is menthol. Over time, menthol has been turned to as a way of relieving pain naturally since it has instant numbing and cooling properties. When e-juice in the UK and elsewhere have this compound in their mix, whenever vapers pull a hit of this, their throats are met with a frosty sensation.

As previously mentioned, menthol flavours tend to vary in coolness. There are a number of factors that go into why this comes to be, such as:

Accompanying parts of the flavour profile and recipe

When your e-juice flavour has menthol combined with something else, even if it's just one extra, the icy sensation can be affected. This is because menthol's default cooling effect is likely being countered by elements of the other flavouring. Fruit flavours are the best way to go for a strong, minty, icy hit to your throat. Cream, custard and other dessert flavours will likely decrease the frost of menthol. 

Exactly how much menthol is involved

While this may seem like a given, it's worth mentioning nonetheless. Just how much power is in the cooling sensation leans mainly on just how much menthol the recipe of the e-juice calls for. More menthol equates to feeling more frost. There are a number of companies that deliberately have their menthol watered down, which in turn weakens their flavour.

Nicotine type that's being used

What a number of people may not know is that not all nicotine are the same. There are two kinds: freebase nicotine and salt-based nicotine. For menthol flavours, the best combination choice is to use salt-based nicotine. That specific kind of nicotine is well-known to bring a powerful hit to the throat. So when it's mixed with a lot of menthol, vape users end up getting a downright icy hit to the throat with incredible strength.

Vegetable glycerin (VG) ratio to propylene glycol (PG)

Menthol hits stronger when the e-juice or e-liquid you're using has high PG amounts. VG does not deliver a hit as strongly as PG does, because the latter is an ingredient that's thinner. 


As a flavour, menthol is preferred by vape users across the globe largely for its icy, cool effect. It is basically an essential oil compound found in plants from the mint family. However, there are variations in terms of coolness, depending on several factors.  

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