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Why Smokers Must Hang Out With Vapers - What to Know

Vaping has recently become popular among many individuals across the globe. With several vape shops becoming prevalent and various products becoming readily available, there's no reason for people not to jump on the bandwagon. It is quite fun and exciting to savour the best of what it has to offer—from trying different devices to experimenting with several techniques down to exploring new vape combinations.

However, did you know that vaping can be the best means for smokers to quit? For this reason, smokers must count on vapers to help them switch from smoking to vaping. In this article, we'll tackle how vaping is an excellent alternative to smoking and why smokers must start to hang out with vapers.

What recent research has to say

Due to recent research funded by Cancer Research UK, smokers have been advised to spend time with vapers as a way to quit their cigarettes and switch to healthier options––vaping. Below are several remarkable facts and figures showing how this is possible based on the studies conducted:

  • Smokers who were reported to have regular exposure to e-cigarette were more likely to stop smoking than those who did not (research funded by Cancer Research UK).
  • Smokers who spend time with e-cigarette users were 20 times more likely to try and ditch tobacco for good (scientists at University College London).
  • More than one in four cigarette smokers said they were regularly in close contact with e-cigarettes in the past year, and around a third admitted they had tried to quit through vaping (academic survey published in the BMC Medicine journal).

Several known misconceptions

Keep in mind that some misconceptions are circulating about vaping that have little-to-no truth. Take note of the following:

  • It discourages or doesn't motivate smokers to quit: Keep in mind that the previous researches say otherwise. By getting exposed to vapers, smokers will be more likely to switch from smoking to using e-cigarettes.
  • It harms public health: The Public Health England reassured the three million vapers in the UK that e-cigarettes are around 95 per cent less harmful than smoking tobacco.

How vaping helps stop smoking

There's no denying that thousands of people in the UK have already stopped smoking through the help of vaping. This is because of how an e-cigarette helps smokers manage their nicotine cravings since some e-liquid products do have nicotine content, and the levels can be regulated.  

In fact, it is deemed to be more effective for smoking cessation than using nicotine replacement products, such as patches or gums. When you've decided to stop smoking and start vaping, be sure to use it as much as you need to and have the right strength of nicotine in your e-liquid. Ultimately, consult with expert vapers to assist you every step of the way so that you can eventually reduce your cravings for a cigarette!


At this point, we've covered how vaping is an excellent alternative to smoking based on a handful of research studies. We've debunked several common misconceptions about vaping as outlined above so that you do not fall into that trap. Ultimately, we hope this article has shed some light on why you must start hanging out with vapers and consider switching from smoking to vaping!

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