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What to Do If No Vapor Is Coming out of Your Vape Device - Our Guide

While there are some problems you can face that can hurt your vaping experience, nothing comes as close as the devastation of a drag without any vapour. Why is this happening? Is there something wrong with your vape device?

Yes, there is, and there are two potential culprits: your battery or your connection. So, before you head to your nearest vape shop to have it checked, here is what you should do if you find that no vapour is coming out of your vape device.

Check your battery

The first thing you should do when you find that your vape device is not producing vapour is to check the battery. Make sure that it is charged, switched on, and has high enough wattage levels.

If this is the first time handling your device, check the manual to see if your device is switched on correctly. Some may require you to press the firing button three times consecutively. As for the wattage levels, make sure it is high enough. If it is too low, the coils will not be able to produce vapour. 

Finally, while it seems like common sense, charge the device before trying again. Sometimes, a dead battery can cause a serious panic, making you forget this step. So, before you do anything, charge it up for an hour or so and check again. However, if you find that the battery stays dead and you have confirmed that the charger is working, your battery will need to be replaced. Of course, this is a problem for vape pens or other devices with built-in batteries. For those, you will need to purchase an entirely new device.

Check your connections

If you find that your battery is in perfect health but the device is still not producing any vapour, it’s time to check the links. The culprit of your problem could be a loose connection between the battery and the coils.

To carry out your analysis, if your vape device has a screen, it might display a "no atomizer" error message if it does not detect the coils. If your vape has built-in LEDs instead, they may flash to notify you of the problem. 

If you discover that there is indeed an error notification indicating that your vape device cannot detect the coil, check for any loose screws around your entire mod. After you’ve tightened them, try again. If that works, then congratulations! If not, then go ahead and check the connection between the tank itself and the coils. For that, remove the coil and then re-screw it back down to ensure a snug fit. That should get the vape to work again.

Finally, a dirty connection can also cause connection problems even if everything is screwed down tight. You’ll then be able to perform a final inspection of your vape mod and clean it.


If any of the above solutions worked for you, then luckily for you, you can once again enjoy vaping! In the case that vapour still isn’t being produced, though, head to a local vape equipment supplier to have it fixed. With their help, they will be able to run through all the tests as well as necessary repair jobs to get your device up and running once more.

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