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Everything You Need to Know About Expired E-Liquid

E-liquids are becoming more and more popular nowadays. This means you can enjoy the many advantages that vaping has to offer. In so many ways, vaping is a better option over smoking cigarettes. Vape is rich, quite tasty and has no calories.

Expiration of e-liquids

Sometimes referred to as e-juice in the UK, e-liquids actually have an expiration date. You, and probably everyone else, most likely use up your e-liquid right away, which makes reaching the expiration date all but impossible. However, it could very well be possible that you have a plethora of different flavours on hand. When you have several flavours in your arsenal, there’s a chance that you won’t be able to use up all those before their respective expiration dates. 

Another possibility is that you have an extra bottle of e-liquid that you simply forgot about altogether. If you find that bottle of vape e-juice from the UK or wherever, it can seem like a bonus or a gift. Hopefully, you've found that bottle within a span of 2 years, which is when e-liquids are approximately meant to expire.

What are the signs that my e-liquid is expired?

The expiration of e-liquid can take a while, and it's a gradual process at that. The date printed on the bottle refers to best before use, but more as a suggestion than anything. Check for telltale signs of your e-liquid going bad, mostly with how it looks and tastes.

Flavour and smell are the first ones to go. Instead, you're going to get a slightly dulled version of the initially created flavour. The smell will change as well, which is actually one of the first clear signs of something untoward occurring. 

The vape liquid's colour will eventually darken, and even the bottle's colour will evidently change as well. A number of users have noticed that the bottom of the bottle tends to have sediments. While it will likely disappear with a shake of the bottle, that's a clear warning sign that your bottle should be thrown out.

Can expired e-liquid cause harm when used?

More than anything, expired e-liquid will likely harm your vaping experience. Medications that are past their expiration date can certainly harm you, but e-liquids will not. However, this is nowhere near the same case as fine wine that improves as it ages. Has the flavour changed considerably? Are you no longer getting the rich fullness of flavour like before? Time to go buy a new bottle and throw out that old one.

Why does the vape liquid eventually turn brown?

There is a bottle of untouched e-liquid on your desk, and somehow, it's gone from a nice bright colour to something dark and spooky-looking. It's not very pleasant to look at, let alone inviting to even think about vaping. Sometimes it's because there are artificial sweeteners or sugars in some e-liquids available today. For the most part, it's oxidation. In this form, it's entirely safe to enjoy.


Expired e-liquid can understandably raise a lot of concerns. However, while it cannot harm your health, it will most certainly not be enjoyable at all. The best thing to do is still to just dispose of the expired e-liquid and buy a new bottle entirely.

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