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What is a Vape Tank: 5 Common Types of Vape Juice Containers

Vaping is believed to be a healthier alternative to cigarette smoking. It is why people chose to switch to using e-cigarettes rather than lighting a stick filled with tobacco leaves. However, there is too much to learn about vaping, especially on the mechanism that makes it work. Starting with the core of the vape, its vape juice container, here are the common types of vape tanks that enthusiasts should know about:

1. Clearomisers

Clearomisers are the default vape juice containers that come with standard vaping packages. Since they are easy-to-use and beginner-friendly, it only makes sense to include them in a pack that caters to newbies.

The usual materials for clearomisers are plastic and glass, with a top section holding a mouthpiece that secures the other components needed for a vape to produce vapour. People can dispose of clearomisers after some usage, making them one of the few disposable vape juice tanks available in the market. However, keep in mind that they are only suitable for newbies. They may not help produce the giant puffs possible in vaping.

2. Rebuildable Atomisers

Rebuildable atomisers are best for users that would like to customise their vaping experience. RTAs combine the versatility of a tank and a build neck, opening doors for various coil configurations to suit every users’ preferences. As a result, the vape tank offers convenience, performance, and control over the vaping process.

Although they come in various sizes and shapes, rebuildable atomisers are not best for beginners. The complexity of the component at least requires a bit of vaping experience to know which configurations work best for the vape tank. However, for more advanced users, rebuildable atomisers should suit their preferences perfectly and efficiently.

3. Tanks

Tanks, similar to clearomisers, are also one of the most basic vape tanks that come with every beginner package. However, they are often found in high-end starter kits compared to more basic ones. As a result, they are more common for more advanced users.

The only difference between a tank and a clearomiser lies in their size. The former accommodates more space than the latter, offering more space for e-juice storage. In effect, tanks provide better performance—better vapour production and more superior flavours.

4. Rebuildable Tank Atomizers

Rebuildable tank atomisers, also called RTAs, is a more complex version of the standard tank. Their difference lies in the component that produces the vapour—the coil. If the tank allows users to install a pre-made coil head, RTA may require more tinkering and creating a functional coil head from scratch. The best part about this is that they are cheap, and replacing the coil doesn’t cost that much either.

5. Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizers

Lastly, the rebuildable dripping tank atomiser is a hybrid among the other types of rebuildable vape tanks. The space provided by the big tank paired with the dripper’s big deck should offer better performance for vape users. As a result, it takes fewer efforts to build more potent hits and softer smokes.


Vaping is a safer alternative to cigarette smoking. However, there are various things to learn before maximising its effects. Through continuous reading, researching, and learning, vape users should experience the same results they used to get in cigarettes while hitting a less dangerous alternative.

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