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Our Guide to the Best Vape for Heavy Smokers

Vaping took a worldwide boom as it offered heavy smokers a chance to taper off from their addiction and satisfy their cravings using a relatively safer alternative. It also opens the opportunity to wean off nicotine for good without struggling with the withdrawal effects of quitting tobacco cigarettes cold turkey, but does vaping offer the same lung hit for heavy smokers?

Chain-smoking cigarettes means smokers tend to puff through 20 or more sticks a day, so what kind of vape device can offer the same satisfaction without increasing your nicotine intake? We’re here to explore some of the best vape set-ups for heavy smokers looking for a better way out of their addiction. 

Exploring Different Vape Set-Up that Mimics the Experience of Smoking a Cigarettes 

Smokers often seek a full-throated experience similar to smoking cigarettes, so when translating it to vaping, you need a device that can deliver smooth, full flavours, easy usage, satisfactory nicotine levels, and mouth-to-lung inhalation. With that in mind, here are the best vape devices that can deliver the same smoking experience for chain smokers: 

1. Closed Pod Device

A closed pod device is one of the simplest vape set-ups that are perfect for beginners, but more importantly, it is the choice that resembles the feeling of smoking cigarettes the most. The sleek and slim body feels good to grip, plus the pocket-friendly, lightweight feel gives an illusion of smoking a stick whenever the mood strikes. 

Changing the pods when the e-liquid runs out is as easy as swapping them out for a new one, making the no-fuss experience a pleasant shift for heavy smokers. 

2. Vape Pen Device 

If you’re looking for an easy-to-operate device that allows for more customisation when it comes to the vape’s settings, a vape pen is a perfect choice for intermediate vapers. For one, vape pens can also mimic the mouth-to-lung hit smokers look for, but you can tailor the experience further by adjusting the airflow settings. 

Vape pens mostly come with a 1300 mAh battery, which also offers longer battery life for heavy vapers who are always on the go. 

3. Open Pod Device

A vape device that offers the best of both worlds for smokers and new vapers is an open pod system. Compared to a closed pod device, it has the same portability, sleek design, and mouth-to-lung hit experience, but it offers more customisation and has refillable pods.

You don’t have to stock up on pods anymore since you can refill an open pod device with your e-juice collection, making it the more cost-effective option on the list!

The Bottom Line: Exploring Different Vape Devices for Heavy Smokers

There is no blanket rule when it comes to choosing the best vape device since the ideal choice depends on preference, but for heavy smokers who want to experience the same satisfaction they get from cigarettes, the list above puts the spotlight on some of the best devices that can get the job done. 

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